Duke Nukem Forever Previews - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer: Gearbox Software
  • Release Date:Jun 14, 2011
  • # of Players:1 player, 8 online
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: Duke Nukem Forever brings back the king of action in a highly anticipated game set to pummel players with unprecedented interactivity, variety, realism, and Duke's special whoop-ass brand of humor.
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Duke Nukem Forever Previews

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  • Video Preview

    Big Ones: Summer Games 2011


    Duke Nukem Forever, inFAMOUS 2, and L.A. Noire are just a few of the big titles gamers will be losing hours to this summer. Here Blair Herter runs down our full list of the biggest.

    Posted: Apr 18, 2011 | 28,181 Views | 03:03

  • Video Preview

    Duke Nukem Forever PAX East 2011 Preview


    Duke Nukem Forever wowed PAX Prime fans last Fall, so why not take an encore? Duke did just that at PAX East, and Morgan Webb caught up with Chief Creative Officer Brian Martel for a preview of game's intro levels and one of the later desert levels.

    Posted: Mar 15, 2011 | 30,300 Views | 02:14

  • Video Preview

    Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Preview


    In this Duke Nukem Forever preview, Adam Sessler ventures into the heart of Titty City to find Gearbox President Randy Pitchford and actually play the game, and find out how Randy updated the franchise without sacrificing any original soul.

    Posted: Feb 17, 2011 | 22,026 Views | 02:50

  • Video Preview

    Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Preview

    Get a preview look at Duke Nukem Forever with Adam Sessler interviewing, president of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford.

    Posted: Feb 11, 2011 | 106,582 Views | 04:41

  • Preview

    Duke Nukem Forever Preview: We've Kicked Ass and Chewed Gum; Now What?

    It's clear this is meant to be the Duke Nukem you've come to love and enjoy ... except that this game has been over 12 years in the making, and some of you may never have experienced a Duke game before. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger with crewcut blonde hair and an American "let's kick ass" accent and attitude. The main menu pops up, and there's Duke standing over a pile of dead alien bodies, smoking a cigar with his gold pistol and radiation symbol. Groovy

    Posted: Feb 9, 2011

  • Video Preview

    Duke Nukem Forever All Access Preview


    We've been teased for so long with this title, but Gearbox Software unveiled the big surprise of PAX 2010, a playable version of Duke Nukem Forever, and Blair Herter visited Randy Pitchford for the latest, including storyline and release schedule.

    Posted: Sep 14, 2010 | 34,227 Views | 02:15

  • Preview

    Duke Nukem Forever Hands-On Preview (Yes, Really!)

    At long last, we actually got our hands on the long, long, long rumored Duke Nukem Forever during PAX Prime 2010. Grab some bubble gum, and check our hands-on impressions.

    Posted: Sep 3, 2010

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  • Duke Nukem Forever "The Doctor Who Cloned Me" DLC Trailer

    Posted: December 14, 2011

    2,646 Views | 01:24

  • Face Time: Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford

    Posted: September 7, 2011

    20,015 Views | 03:38

  • Duke Nukem Forever Ego Boost Tips and Cheats

    Posted: August 24, 2011

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