Duke Nukem Forever Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer: Gearbox Software
  • Release Date:Jun 14, 2011
  • # of Players:1 player, 8 online
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: Duke Nukem Forever brings back the king of action in a highly anticipated game set to pummel players with unprecedented interactivity, variety, realism, and Duke's special whoop-ass brand of humor.
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1 / 5
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    3.3 / 5
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Duke Nukem Forever Cheats

  • Unlock Backwards Baseball Cap (MP)

    Complete Burger Face III challenge (Get 250 kills with the Shotgun)

  • Unlock Tie-Dye Shirt (MP)

    Complete Medium Rare III challenge (Get 250 kills with the AT Laser)

  • Unlock Military Hat (MP)

    Complete Size Doesn't Matter III challenge (Get 250 kills with the Pistol)

  • Unlock Canadian Flag Logo (MP)

    Complete Tiny But Deadly III challenge (Get 75 kills with the Garter Pistol)

  • Unlock Baseball Cap (MP)

    Complete Splatter King III challenge (Get 75 kills with pipe bombs)

  • Unlock Wolf Logo (MP)

    Complete Roid Rage III challenge (Get 75 kills with Steroids)

  • Unlock Retro Duke Logo (MP)

    Complete Meat Grinder III challenge (Get 250 kills with the Devastator)

  • Unlock Ski Goggles (MP)

    Complete Ice to See You III challenge (Get 75 kills on frozen players)

  • Unlock Hoplite Helmet (MP)

    Complete Punchy McPuncher III challenge (Get 75 melee kills)

  • Unlock I Shot Stupid Logo (MP)

    Complete Right In the Eye III challenge (Get 250 kills with the Railgun)

  • Unlock WTF Logo (MP)

    Complete Smile You Son of a Bitch III challenge (Get 75 kills with exploding barrels)

  • Unlock Brain Sucker (MP)

    Complete Laser Seeking Missiles III challenge (Get 250 kills with the Enforcer)

  • Unlock cheats

    Complete the game once on any difficulty

  • Unlock Cheese Hat (MP)

    Complete Swiss Cheese III challenge (Get 250 kills with the Ripper)

  • Unlock Detonator Logo (MP)

    Complete Boom Goes the Weasel III challenge (Get 250 kills with the Rocket Launcher)

  • Unlock Uncle Sam Hat (MP)

    Complete Pee Wee Vermin III challenge (Stomp 75 enemies)

  • Unlock Jester Hat (MP)

    Complete Watch Your Step III challenge (Get 75 kills with trip mines)

  • A Good Dam Fight

    Defeat the Battlelord on the Hoover Dam

  • Bucket Head

    Find all 3 helmets in the SP campaign

  • Extermination

    Kill 50 aliens

  • Gunslinger

    Carry the gold pistol through the whole SP campaign

  • Lots of Whacking

    Win a game of Alien Abortion in the strip club

  • Natural Disaster 3x

    Kill 3 aliens at once

  • One-Eyed Freak

    Defeat the Cycloid

  • Sticky Bomb Like You!

    Put a Trip Mine on a live alien

  • Balls of Steel

    Earn a 1,000,000 pinball score in SP

  • I Am All That Is Man

    Discover all Ego cap awards

  • I Need a Date

    Look at every page of a calendar in SP

  • Party Animal

    Drink all of the beers in the strip club

  • Annihilation

    Kill 100 aliens

  • Fork the Pork

    Kill 6 aliens with the forklift

  • Freeze Well!

    Kill 15 frozen aliens

  • Not Bad for a Human

    Defeat the Alien Queen

  • Octacide

    Defeat the Octaking

  • Pescaphobe

    Kill all the catfish in the underwater level

  • Damn, I'm Good

    Complete the SP campaign on Insane Difficulty

  • FBT

    Get knocked down 10 times

  • He's Got a Hologram!

    Use a Holoduke in SP

  • Piece of Cake

    Complete the SP campaign on Easy Difficulty

  • Baron von Nukem

    Shoot down 20 alien fighters

  • Beating the One-Eyed Worm

    Defeat the Energy Leech

  • Duke Angry, Duke Smash!

    Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks while on steroids

  • Juiced

    Take steroids in SP

  • Pit Champion

    Defeat the Battlelord in Las Vegas

  • Road Rage

    Kill 15 aliens with the monster truck

  • Air-Duke

    Win air hockey with a score of 7-0 in the strip club

  • Big Guns, Big Ships

    Blow up 5 enemy gunships or dropships

  • Dead Useful

    Kill 10 aliens with environmental explosives

  • Downtown Barrel Beatdown

    Kill 10 aliens with tossed objects

  • Hippy-Stomper

    Foot stomp 12 aliens

  • On the Noggin

    Kill 30 aliens with headshots

  • Sunday, Black Sunday

    Shoot down the blimp above the stadium

  • Trapper

    Kill 10 aliens with Trip Mines

  • Come Get Some

    Complete the SP campaign on Hard Difficulty

  • Companion Barrel

    Unlock the secret closet at the end of the Forkstop

  • Drawrings

    Doodle something on the whiteboard in SP

  • I Need a Towel

    Get hit by 10 Pregnator bombs

  • Nobody Likes a Whiner

    Knock out the talent at the talk show

  • Nuclear Devastation

    Kill 250 aliens

  • Special Thanks

    Watch the credits all the way through

  • Call Waiting

    Listen to all phone messages

  • Flagon of Chuckles

    Drink a beer in SP

  • Judge, Jury, Executioner

    Execute 20 aliens

  • Let's Rock

    Complete the SP campaign on Normal Difficulty

  • Noms

    Eat 10 pieces of food during the SP campaign

  • Substance Abuser

    Drink beer while on steroids or vice versa in SP

  • Turd Burglar

    Find and steal a piece of poo