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Game Description:NCAA March Madness 07 is all about winning. Games unfold in an intense pressure cooker of school spirit with more pronounced homecourt advantage and player response to it. Feel the home crowd's presence like never before with school-specific fight songs, chants, and student sections. Ride crowd-inspired game-changing momentum surges to victory with stifling D, forced turnovers, and easy baskets. Watch some players get rattled while others become game-winning assassins as player composure influences on-court success. The madness is enhanced with a deeper Dynasty Mode, amazing "Broadcast Plus" presentation, complete ESPN access, and more.
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NCAA March Madness 07 News

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  • EA Shutting Down Online Servers For Numerous Sports Games

    There certainly isn't anything unusual about publishers shutting down online servers for games that people are no longer playing. So it shouldn’t surprise you that EA announced today that they will be taking an axe to a number of servers on Feb 2. The two most notable entries on the list are the poorly received Facebreaker and Madden NFL...

    Posted January 4, 2010

    EA Shutting Down Online Servers For Numerous Sports Games
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