Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Marvel's first superhero family must face its greatest challenge yet - the mysterious Silver Surfer! Follow an all-new plot as you chase the Surfer around the world and face the unlikely return of the Fantastic 4's mortal enemy, Dr. Doom. Combine powers to create devastating team attacks against your enemies. Play as any member of the team and use their specific abilities to solve puzzles and destroy opposition. Take on more than just the Silver Surfer - battle Red Ghost, Terrax, and Super Skrull as you try to save the world from destruction!
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Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Cheats

  • 1990's Fantastic Four

    Collect 12 tokens

  • Comic Covers #1

    Collect 4 tokens

  • Comic Covers #2

    Collect 4 tokens

  • Hard difficulty and Skrull Arena

    Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty setting.

  • 2000's Fantastic Four

    Collect 12 tokens

  • Ultimate Costumes

    Collect 12 tokens

  • Game Concept Art

    Collect 4 tokens

  • Arctic Explorer

    Complete Military Base Level

  • Assist

    Successfully perform a two player fusion attack

  • Doom Tracker

    Find all 12 of Doom’s Spy bots hidden in the game.

  • Rock Crusher

    Complete Himalayas Level

  • Skrull Slayer

    Complete Skrull Lair Level

  • Wedding Crasher

    Complete New York Level

  • Fantastic Four

    Find all 36 of the hidden silver fantastic four symbols.

  • Human Torch

    Upgrade all of the Human Torch's Powers

  • Superhero

    Complete the game in Fantastic mode

  • Cold War Relic

    Complete Red Ghost Level

  • Hero

    Complete the game in regular mode

  • Invisible Woman

    Upgrade all of the Invisible Woman's Powers

  • Thing

    Upgrade all of The Thing's Powers

  • Elemental Master

    Defeat Terrax

  • Shanghai Surprise

    Complete Shanghai Level

  • Treasure Hunter

    Successfully unlocked all content in the game.

  • Doomed

    Defeat Dr. Doom

  • Mr. Fantastic

    Upgrade all of Mr. Fantastic's Powers

  • Skrull's Demise

    Defeat Super Skrull