Bionicle Heroes Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Experience all the power and excitement of LEGO BIONICLE in this game that lets you control every BIONICLE figure from the 2006 lineup! Play as all your favorites from the heroic Taoa Inika to the evil Piraka. Learn to harness the full power of warriors both good and evil as you master their unique weapons and elemental abilities. The battle rages across the entire Voya Nui universe, with 25 levels that span 6 elemental zones. Secret areas and hidden surprises offer exciting discoveries each time you play. Collect unique LEGO pieces to earn weapons upgrades, gain new abilities, and unlock playable characters. Simple controls and accessible play welcome all fans.
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Bionicle Heroes Cheats

  • Defeat 250 Vahki

    Defeat 250 Vahki.

  • Volcanic Trail completed

    Volcanic Trail completed.

  • Ancient Forest complete

    Ancient Forest complete.

  • Shattered Wreck completed

    Shattered Wreck completed.

  • Piraka Bluff completed

    Piraka Bluff completed.

  • 150 victories with Matoro

    150 victories with Matoro.

  • Collect 2,500,000 LEGO Pieces

    By collecting 2,500,000 LEGO Pieces.

  • Cleansing Plant completed

    Cleansing Plant completed.

  • Decrepit Dungeons completed

    Decrepit Dungeons completed.

  • 250 victories with Kongu

    250 victories with Kongu.

  • Defeat 500 Visorak

    Defeat 500 Visorak.

  • Vezok's Deluge completed

    Vezok's Deluge completed.

  • 50 victories with Matoro

    50 victories with Matoro.

  • Defeat 50 Vahki

    Defeat 50 Vahki.

  • Fiery Mine completed

    Fiery Mine completed.

  • Defeat 500 Bohrok

    Defeat 500 Bohrok.

  • Vezon's Awakening complete

    Vezon's Awakening complete.

  • Collect 5,000,000 LEGO pieces

    By collecting 5,000,000 LEGO pieces.

  • Zaktan's Chamber complete

    Zaktan's Chamber complete.

  • Hakann's Pit completed

    Hakann's Pit completed.

  • Defeat 100 Visorak

    Defeat 100 Visorak.

  • Avak's Dynamo completed

    Avak's Dynamo completed.

  • Menacing Keep completed

    Menacing Keep completed.

  • Flooded Lowlands completed

    Flooded Lowlands completed.

  • Mountain Path completed

    Mountain Path completed.

  • Ancient Citadel complete

    Ancient Citadel complete.

  • Desert Outpost complete

    Desert Outpost complete.

  • Bleak Refinery complete

    Bleak Refinery complete.

  • Defeat 500 Vahki

    Defeat 500 Vahki.

  • 250 victories with Jaller

    250 victories with Jaller.

  • Forgotten Shrine complete

    Forgotten Shrine complete.

  • 250 victories with Hewkii

    250 victories with Hewkii.

  • Logging Post complete

    Logging Post complete.

  • Scorched Earth completed

    Scorched Earth completed.

  • 250 victories with Hahli

    250 victories with Hahli.

  • Defeat 1000 Bohrok

    Defeat 1000 Bohrok.

  • 100 victories with Hewkii

    100 victories with Hewkii.

  • 100 victories with Jaller

    100 victories with Jaller.

  • 100 victories with Hahli

    100 victories with Hahli.

  • Blizzard Peaks completed

    Blizzard Peaks completed.

  • 50 victories with Nuparu

    50 victories with Nuparu.

  • Defeat 100 Bohrok

    Defeat 100 Bohrok.

  • Reidak's Bastion complete

    Reidak's Bastion complete.

  • Defeat 1000 Visorak

    Defeat 1000 Visorak.

  • 100% game completion

    100% game completion.

  • 150 victories with Nuparu

    150 victories with Nuparu.

  • 100 victories with Kongu

    100 victories with Kongu.

  • Thok's Grotto completed

    Thok's Grotto completed.

  • Smugglers Cove completed

    Smugglers Cove completed.

  • How to beat Vezon

    After you defeat all Piraka, you will have to fight Vezon for the last time. First hit him the back, then in the legs, then the heads, then Vezon.

  • How to beat Guhhrahk

    The best Toa for defeating Gurrahk (level 1) are Matoro for beating Guhhrahk Hajli and Jaller for killing summoned enemies.