Overlord Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Hope you're thirsty because you're about to be drunk with power. Being an evil Overlord brings plenty of perks, including an army of minions to do your bidding! In this case, minions are ill-minded, ill-tempered little gremlin creatures. You've got hordes of them...and a peaceful land ripe for the ravaging. Your minions are devious, crafty, and blindly loyal. Amass an army of 50 (with hundreds in reserve) and send them off to do as you please. They'll fight, steal, schlep, and more as they do whatever it takes to wreak havoc. Minions come in four breeds: Fighters, Fire Throwers, Assassins, and Healers, so use their talents to maximize damage.
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Overlord Cheats

  • Win in Pillage

    By winning a ranked Pillage match.

  • Minion Multitude

    Harvest a massive amount of Lifeforce.

  • Ultimate Durium

    Forge an Ultimately Imbued Durium Set.

  • Tower Master

    Collect all the Tower Objects.

  • Obtain a Mistress

    Get yourself a little company and some help spending your money.

  • Minion Hoarder

    Harvest a huge amount of Lifeforce.

  • 50 Wins in Slaughter

    By winning 50 ranked Slaughter matches.

  • Defeat Sir William

    Cure a Hero of life.

  • Survivor

    Last for 5 minutes in Survival.

  • Compete in Pillage

    Complete a ranked Pillage match.

  • Full Corruption

    By winning with the blackest heart.

  • Blue Minions

    After retrieving the Blue Hive.

  • 50 Wins in Pillage

    By winning 50 ranked Pillage matches.

  • Defeat Oberon

    Put a Hero to sleep. Permanently.

  • Dungeon Overlord

    After beating all the Dungeon Creatures

  • Full Arcanium

    Forge a full Arcanium set.

  • Compete in Slaughter

    Compete in Slaughter

  • Green Minions

    After retrieving the Green Hive.

  • Defeat Melvin

    Puncture a Hero.

  • Dungeon Dabbler

    After beating half the Dungeon Creatures.

  • Ultimate Steel

    Forge an Ultimately Imbued Steel Set.

  • 10 Wins in Slaughter

    By winning 10 ranked Slaughter matches.

  • Red Minions

    After retrieving the Red Hive.

  • Steel Smelter

    After retrieving a Smelter.

  • Zero Corruption

    By winning with the clearest conscience.

  • Defeat Kahn

    Get angry with a Hero.

  • Power up the Tower

    After retrieving the Tower Heart to power up the Tower.

  • Win in Slaughter

    By winning a ranked Slaughter match.

  • Defeat Jewel

    Steal a Hero.

  • Rebuild the Tower

    After retrieving a Crane to start rebuilding the Tower.

  • Superior Survivor

    Last for 15 minutes in Survival.

  • Ultimate Horde

    Get a full Horde, fully equipped.

  • Retrieve the Food

    After retrieving the Food, but will you keep or return it?

  • Defeat the Wizard

    After beating the 7th Hero.

  • Arcanium Smelter

    After retrieving the most Powerful Smelter.

  • 10 Wins in Pillage

    By winning 10 ranked Pillage matches.

  • Durium Smelter

    After retrieving a powerful Smelter.

  • Ultimate Survivor

    Last for 30 minutes in Survival.

  • Defeat Goldo

    End a Hero's obsession.

  • Amass Minions

    Harvest lots of Lifeforce

  • Mistress Master

    Fulfill your Mistress's wishes.

  • Minion Harvester

    Harvest Lifeforce.

  • Free equipment upgrades

    After you have created a peice of armour go to upgrade it and and put as many minions as you want into the smelter, however before they all start to jump press start and exit. Then come back into the game and youre equipment will have been upgraded but you wont have lost any minions.