Just Cause Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:San Esperito...an expansive grouping of islands split into factions, torn by rebels and plagued by drug cartels. And you're plunged right into the middle of it as a CIA operative sent to overthrow the government! Explore over 250,000 acres of jungles, beaches, mountains, villages, and cities in the largest video game environment ever created. Build alliances, play the factions off each other, and work to incite rebellion. Use over 100 vehicles, pull off insane stunts, and more. Complete missions in any order, peel off for side missions, or just explore. You'll get recon and support from two fellow operatives in this massive third-person action saga.
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Just Cause Cheats

  • Grapple hook

    After level 2 there are territories you can take over. Once you have done about three of them you will get the grapple hook.

  • Helicopter

    When you get your grapple hook fire it at a passing or attacking helicopter. Then, just reel your self in.

  • Agency jeep

    After you kill the man on the boat and finish the mission, you will get the agency jeep.

  • 20 Land Vehicle Stunts

    Steal two cars. Face one forward, then park the other one sideways in front of the car. Get into the stunt position, then the "B Jump to Roof" option should be on top. Just press B(20) to get the achievement.

  • Champion Of Race 7

    By finishing Race 7.

  • Saviour of San Esperito

    By liberating every province in San Esperito.

  • Champion Of Race 2

    By finishing Race 2.

  • Most Wanted 2 Mins

    Survive for 2 minutes with maximum wanted level.

  • All Stunts Completed

    By finishing all stunts.

  • Freedom Fighter

    By liberating 11 provinces in San Esperito.

  • The Cleavage

    By finishing Collect mission 10.

  • Champion Of Race 1

    By finishing Race 1.

  • 15 Takeover Missions Completed

    By finishing 15 Takeover missions.

  • All Collect Missions Completed

    By finishing every Collect mission.

  • All Race Missions Completed

    By finishing every Race mission.

  • Rico the Beach Comber

    By finishing Collect mission 8.

  • New Kind of Kick

    By finishing Collect mission 12.

  • 250 Kills

    Kill 250 Enemies.

  • 30 Side Missions Completed

    By finishing 30 Side missions.

  • Champion Of Race 3

    By finishing Race 3.

  • Champion Of Race 4

    By finishing Race 4.

  • I've Got the Blueprints, Man

    By finishing Collect mission 4.

  • Most Wanted 1 Min

    Survive for 1 minute with maximum wanted level.

  • Staying Power

    By finishing Collect mission 9.

  • 50 Side Missions Completed

    By finishing 50 Side missions.

  • Protector of the People

    By liberating 22 provinces in San Esperito.

  • 100 Kills

    Kill 100 Enemies.

  • Slippery When Wet

    By finishing Collect mission 11.

  • Champion Of Race 8

    By finishing Race 8.

  • Salt Refinery... Yeah Right

    By finishing Collect mission 1.

  • Champion Of Race 5

    By finishing Race 5.

  • 45 Takeover Missions Completed

    By finishing 45 Takeover missions.

  • Champion Of Race 9

    By finishing Race 9.

  • All Story Missions Completed

    By finishing all Story missions.

  • Mission 14 Completion

    By finishing Story mission 14.

  • White Beaches

    By finishing Collect mission 13.

  • 500 Kills

    Kill 500 Enemies.

  • Mission 7 Completion

    By finishing Story mission 7.

  • 10 Side Missions Completed

    By finishing 10 side missions.

  • 20 Sea Vehicle Stunts

    By finishing 20 sea vehicle stunts.

  • 30 Takeover Missions Completed

    By finishing 30 Takeover missions.

  • 20 Side Missions Completed

    By finishing 20 Side missions.

  • 40 Side Missions Completed

    By finishing 40 Side missions.

  • 20 Air Vehicle Stunts

    By finishing 20 air vehicle stunts.

  • Base Jump 1000 Meters

    Base jump from 1,000 meters or higher.

  • Back-Door Action

    By finishing Collect mission 2.

  • I Want My Intel Back

    By finishing Collect mission 5.

  • I Want a Super-Potent Weapon

    By finishing Collect mission 3.

  • Red Eyes

    By finishing Collect mission 6.

  • We Have Ways of Making You Talk

    By finishing Collect mission 7.

  • 20 Car-To-Car Stunts

    By finishing 20 car-to-car jumps.

  • Champion Of Race 6

    By finishing Race 6.