Kung Fu Panda Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:You are the ultimate Kung Fu warrior. You are fast. You are ruthless. You are a panda. That's how it all starts in this wacky game based on the Kung Fu Panda movie. Playing as Po the Panda, you'll embark on an exciting and humorous 13-level quest to meet your destiny and become the Dragon Warrior. Master unique and powerful moves handed down from the teaching of the Furious Five Kung Fu legends, Monkey, Tigress, Viper, Crane, and Mantis. Play as your favorite characters from the movie in single player, co-op, and head-to-head multiplayer modes. You'll find character upgrades, collectibles, bonus content, and tons of Kung Fu awesomeness! 
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Kung Fu Panda Cheats

  • a new charater

    Enter the following code

    Code: up+b+down

  • Game Completed - Master

    Complete the entire game on the Master Difficulty setting.

  • Level 12 100% Completion!

    Complete level "The Warrior's Destiny" 100%.

  • Level 8 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Wudang Rescue" 100%.

  • Level 9 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Howling Moon" 100%.

  • Panda Stumble Extreme

    Panda Stumble for 60 Seconds. Forced Stumble doesn't count.

  • Fearless

    Make it through an entire level without blocking an attack.

  • Level 11 100% Completion!

    Complete level "The Palace" 100%.

  • Level 3 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Level Zero" 100%.

  • Level 6 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Wudang Temple" 100%.

  • Level 7 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Treacherous Waters" 100%.

  • Ultimate Dragon Warrior

    Purchase All Upgrades.

  • Awesomely Awesome

    Defeat 250 Enemies.

  • Fastest Warrior

    Obtain a Hit Chain of 10 or higher using only Fast Attacks.

  • Level 1 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Po's Dream" 100%.

  • Level 4 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Protect the Palace" 100%.

  • Kung Fu Warrior

    Obtain a Hit Chain of 15 or higher using any combination of attacks.

  • Untouchable

    Make it through an entire level without getting hit.

  • Level 2 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Tournament of the Dragon Warrior" 100%.

  • Master Of All

    Unlock Everything.

  • Panda Stumble Warrior

    Obtain a Hit Chain of 5 or higher using only Panda Stumble.

  • Invincible

    Make it through the entire game without dying.

  • Level 10 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Secret of the Sands" 100%.

  • Level 13 100% Completion!

    Complete level "The Final Battle" 100%.

  • Level 5 100% Completion!

    Complete level "Lake of Tears" 100%.

  • Strongest Warrior

    Obtain a Hit Chain of 5 or higher using only Strong Attacks.

  • Find po figurine

    Po: At the end of the first level when you fight the big boar run around the edge of the area until you reach a little street it should be in between two boxes.

  • Find Trigress Figurine

    At the begining of the second level BEFORE you jump over the wall on the trampoline thingy look around for a cart thing it should be at the oposite end of the area from the trampoline, look behind it .

  • find the Tai Lung figurine

    When your fighting Tai Lung and your just about to go into the arena and finish fighting him look around the big square rock you jump down from it should be between the rock and the wall

  • Find the viper figurine

    When you play as shifu when he saves the five jump up on the frame that holds vipers cage in place and you will find it.

  • find the shifu figurine

    When you go into the mountains for the first time with shifu and when you play as Po and fight the big blue gorilla that throws rocks at you run around the area until you find it.

  • Find the crane Figurine

    On the level where you stop the boars from stealing the treasure go to the back exit you will see a sword case with a box beside it DON'T BREAK IT !!!!! jump on the box the figurine will be on top of the sword case.

  • find manits figurine

    When your on the level when Po has to sneak through th Wu sisters camp and you've just walked across the river on a tree and rescued the rest of the rabbits there will be a fence dividing that part of the camp from some tall grass climb up on the plat forms until your over top of the grass and drop down look around in the grass for the figurine.