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Game Description:Now the action never has to stop as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling comes into your living room with this game based on TNA Impact! Step into TNA's trademark six-sided ring and get ready to experience all the bone-crushing wrestling action seen each week on the popular TV show. Choose your warrior from a roster of more than 20 top TNA stars, including Kurt Angle, A.J. Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Christopher Daniels, Rhino, and Christian Cage. But if you'd rather carve out your own legacy, you can create your own wrestler with a custom look and customized moves to match.
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TNA Impact! News

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  • THQ Buys Midway's San Diego Studio For $200,000

    Early last month, Warner Bros. received the green light to purchase famed video game publisher Midway Games for $49 million. One of the studios left out of the deal was Midway San Diego (TNA iMPACT!), and the publisher has been trying to offload the studio since the buyout was announced. Today, the Chicago Tribune (via Gamasutra) reports that...

    Posted August 10, 2009

    THQ Buys Midway's San Diego Studio For $200,000
  • 'TNA iMPACT!'s Suicide Comes To Life Trailer

    To go along with Ray's report on TNA iMPACT!'s fictional character, Suicide, coming to life Midway also released a trailer to explain the situation. TNA iMPACT! is available for the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. TNA iMPACT!'s Suicidal Reality Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version

    Posted December 19, 2008| 10 Comments

    'TNA iMPACT!'s Suicide Comes To Life Trailer
  • 'TNA Impact's' Suicide, A Made-For-Game Character, Comes To Life

    While Midway's TNA Impact had its problems, it also did a lot of things right. One of the most fascinating aspects of the game was its use of story-mode character, Suicide. Created specifically for the game, Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling has been teasing Suicide's debut for months on its weekly television show. Suicide made his in-ring...

    Posted December 19, 2008| 58 Comments

    'TNA Impact's' Suicide, A Made-For-Game Character, Comes To Life
  • New 'TNA Impact!' Tag Team Featured Match

    Midway Games' TNA iMPACT! demonstrates why it's fun to play together and kick the crap out of your friends on your PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. Tag team on your PS2, PS3 or Xbox 360 September 9th or wait it out until October 1st for the Wii release. TNA iMPACT! Tag Team Video Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version

    Posted September 5, 2008| 4 Comments

    New 'TNA Impact!' Tag Team Featured Match
  • New 'TNA iMPACT!' Featured Match, Jay Lethal

    Check out this new Featured Match from Midway Games for its upcoming wrestling sim TNA iMPACT! for the PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. The wrestlers go at it verbally and virtually for your entertainment in this charismatic video. Wrestling fans grab your markers and poster boards, the game enters the ring September 9th on the PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360...

    Posted September 3, 2008| 5 Comments

    New 'TNA iMPACT!' Featured Match, Jay Lethal
  • New 'TNA iMPACT!' Trailers, Realism & Story

    Check out some new production videos for TNA iMPACT! First, the dev diary goes over what went into achieving the look and feel of an authentic TNA experience followed by a Story Trailer after the cut. TNA iMPACT! is set for release on the PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 September 9th. TNA iMPACT! Realism & Responsiveness Watch Larger...

    Posted August 18, 2008| 4 Comments

    New 'TNA iMPACT!' Trailers, Realism & Story
  • New 'TNA Impact!' Screens, Kevin Nash Jumps Into the Fray

    Got some new screens of wrestler Kevin Nash who joins the TNA iMPACT! wrestling fray. You can mix it up when the game releases on September 2nd for the PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. Click the image below for the TNA iMPACT! image gallery Read More?

    Posted August 7, 2008| 9 Comments

    New 'TNA Impact!' Screens, Kevin Nash Jumps Into the Fray
  • Shark Boy Attacks 'TNA iMPACT'

    Shark Boy was just announced as a character in TNA-Impact, so get in and deal out some Dead Sea Drops.. The clown prince of TNA is the 19th wrestler in the TNA roster that has been announced for the game, but six more grapplers are coming. TNA IMPACT hits the PS2, Wii and 360 in September. Click the cut for all the rest of the roster, and check...

    Posted July 31, 2008| 16 Comments

    Shark Boy Attacks 'TNA iMPACT'
  • Midway Splits Up L.A. Studio

    Game company Midway announced today that it will be combining it's Los Angeles studio with its San Diego studio. The newly combined operations will be located at Midway San Diego facility. Don't worry, though, if you're waiting for TNA iMPACT!, the series' creators will not be iMPACTED--they're being given the opportunity to transfer further...

    Posted July 22, 2008| 1 Comment

    Midway Splits Up L.A. Studio
  • New 'TNA Impact!' Media

    Clicke the image below for the TNA iMPACT! image gallery Check out some new screens and a new trailer for Midway's TNA iMPACT!. The game hits the mats for the PS3, PS2, Wii and Xbox 360 September 2nd. Read More?

    Posted July 10, 2008| 9 Comments

    New 'TNA Impact!' Media
  • Midway Announces E3 Lineup

    Game-makers Midway announced their E3 lineup this morning, and it is very impressive. Here's what the venerable, grand-daddy of gaming will be showing off: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360®, Fall 2008) This is Vegas (PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, 2009) Wheelman (PLAYSTATION 3 Xbox 360, PC; Fall 2008) TNA...

    Posted July 10, 2008| 15 Comments

    Midway Announces E3 Lineup
  • 'TNA Impact' Screens

    G4's Mike D'Alonzo thinks professional wrestling features some of the best writing and improvisational acting on television. Here's a gallery for videogame TNA Impact. It comes out across platform on September 1st and features oiled up musclemen in peenie shorts fighting each other.

    Posted April 21, 2008| 7 Comments

    'TNA Impact' Screens
  • 'TNA iMPACT' Game Website Up

    Although the WWE has grabbed the headlines this week with Wrestlemania coming up and all, the competition, TNA, is working on a game that looks like a real humdinger, and there's now a website to prove it. On the site, you'll be able to catch some screenshots, watch the trailer, and interact with other fans in the forums. The TNA iMPACT game...

    Posted March 28, 2008| 11 Comments

    'TNA iMPACT' Game Website Up
  • TNA iMPACT! Suicide Comes To Life

    Posted: December 18, 2008

    6,005 Views | 03:00 | 1 Comment

  • TNA! Impact Review

    Posted: October 2, 2008

    4,019 Views | 02:31 | 10 Comments

  • TNA iMPACT! : TV Spot

    Posted: September 9, 2008

    908 Views | 00:31

  • TNA iMPACT! : Tag Teams

    Posted: September 5, 2008

    1,963 Views | 03:47 | 3 Comments

  • TNA iMPACT! - Featured Match - Samoa Joe vs Jay Lethal

    Posted: September 3, 2008

    1,558 Views | 03:08 | 1 Comment


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