Transformers: The Game Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Should the Earth be saved or destroyed? Fate is in your hands as you take control of the awesome Autobots or the deadly Decepticons! Transform instantly from a massive robot to a high-powered vehicle to leave enemies in the dust or compliment your combat strategy. Utilize the destructible environment to your advantage. Choose your character from a huge array, including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ironhide, Starscream, and more. Use your huge weight and size as you battle in melee combat using special weapons and moves unique to the characters. Or let distance be your friend as you utilize a wide array of projectile weapons.
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Transformers: The Game Cheats

  • Laser for Bumble Bee

    Pause the game and enter the following.

    Code: Left, Up, Up, Down, Right, Up, Left, Up, Up

  • Keeper of the AllSpark

    By getting 100% completion.

  • Pride of Megatron

    After destroying 200 Autobot Drones.

  • Mad Skillz

    By getting all Skill items on all levels

  • We Don't Need Roads

    By getting full Jump Skill.

  • Transform and Roll Out

    Transform for the first time.

  • Pride of Bumblebee

    Collect all the secret icons.

  • Pride of Optimus Prime

    After destroying 200 Decepticon Drones.

  • Root of all Evil

    By getting full Evil Skill.

  • What Challenge?

    Complete your first Challenge sub-mission.

  • Pride of Brawl

    By getting full Destruction Skill.

  • Shot Putter

    By getting full Throw Skill.

  • Speed Demon

    By getting full Speed Skill.

  • Pride of Ironhide

    By getting full Heroic Skill.

  • Sideways Motion

    By getting full Slide Skill.

  • Robots in Disguise

    Transform 500 times.

  • Wrong Way!

    Ram 250 Cars