Star Trek: Legacy Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Forget seeking out new life and exploring strange new worlds. Star Trek: Legacy is all about battles as you boldly blast your way through the entire Star Trek universe! Take command of Starfleet, concoct a battle strategy, and test your tactics in real-time combat set in dynamic, 3D space environments. Legacy draws from every Star Trek series, including Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and the original series. Fight Star Trek's most storied battles in single player. Lead Federation, Klingon, Borg, or Romulan fleets in massive multi-player campaigns. Victories bring Command Points, which you can use to customize your fleet and captains. Beam us up!
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Star Trek: Legacy Cheats

  • Guerilla In The Mist

    Spill no blood in "Ambush".

  • Glorious Victor

    Test your mettle in battle against opponents.

  • Riker Award

    By finishing the Next Generation era without losing a single ship.

  • Liberator of Makus

    Secure all enemy strongholds in "The Squeeze".

  • Starfleet Academy Graduate

    By finishing the Tutorial Mission.

  • Chain Reaction

    Deliver the killing blow to more than one ship with a single torpedo.

  • Hero of Kathra

    Don't allow your allies to perish in "FireStorm".

  • Scourge of Kathra

    Roll like a wave of destruction through the Kathra system.

  • Brazen Warrior

    Never hide from your enemy in "Behind Enemy Lines".

  • Lone Wolf of Makus

    Complete mission objectives in "The Squeeze" without the aid of starbases.

  • Resistance Was Useful

    Eradicate 10 Borg ships in a single online match.

  • Starfleet Captain

    By finishing the single player campaign on "Captain" difficulty.

  • Allied Commander

    Be a team player in "Generals".

  • Champion of the Fleet

    All allies must survive in "At the Gates".

  • Legacy Captain

    Unlock the USS Legacy.

  • Starfleet Ensign

    By finishing the single player campaign on "Ensign" difficulty.

  • T'Pol Award

    By finishing the Enterprise era without losing a single ship.

  • Starfleet Admiral

    By finishing the single player campaign on "Admiral" difficulty.

  • Agile Predator

    Complete "Behind Enemy lines" unscathed.

  • Sword of Aurelia

    Take a swing at the bully in "Anger and Mercy".

  • Tyburn Shockwave

    During "Stirring the Hive", knockout as many of the enemy fleet as you can in one blow.

  • Guardian of Epsilon Theta

    Protect all the medical ships in "Be My Shepherd".

  • The Wrath Of Khan

    Destroy 10 Federation ships in a single online battle.

  • Captain Archer Award

    Complete all missions in the Enterprise era.

  • Protector of Encaria

    Keep the poisonous spore count low during "Poisoned Well".

  • Admiral Kirk Award

    Complete all missions in the TOS era.

  • Avenger of Surak

    Destroy 10 Romulan ships in one online battle.

  • Spirit of Kahless

    Strike only at the heart of the enemy in "Omega".

  • Savior of Aurelia

    Protect your ward in "Anger and Mercy".

  • Antique Collector

    Start a mission in the Next Generation era with a fleet containing a Enterprise era ship.

  • Keeper of Gre'thor

    Send 10 Klingon vessels to Sto'Vo'Kor in one online match.

  • Autonomous Operator

    By finishing the final mission without the use of support craft.

  • Custodian of Phidian

    Save the sensor relays in "Revelations".

  • Anonymous Red-Shirt Award

    Be the first to go down in a 4 fleet multi-player game.

  • Pacifist of Makus

    Complete "The Squeeze" without spilling any blood.

  • Spock Award

    By finishing the Original Series era without losing a single ship.