Medal of Honor: Airborne - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Sep 6, 2007
  • # of Players:1 player, 12 online
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Blood,Mild Language,Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:You are Private First Class Boyd Travers of the 82nd Airborne Division, and it's your job to battle your way through the WWII wasteland battlefields of Europe. Start with the earliest paratrooper battles in Sicily and fight your way to the battles that won the war in Germany. You begin each mission behind enemy lines, and the airdrop is fully interactive – and intense! Choose your own starting point and change the way each mission goes. Once you've landed, assess the terrain to make the best tactical decision. Take your pick of a variety of authentic and customizable weapons, each with different characteristics, and then choose your path in the free-roaming FPS environment!
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'Skate 2' Interview: Chilling With Pro Skater Darren Navarrette

'Skate 2' Interview: Chilling With Pro Skater Darren Navarrette

By Raymond Padilla - Posted Dec 08, 2008

In addition to being sponsored by Creature, Independent, and Vox, Darrent Navarrette is just a pretty cool guy. Interviewing him at EA's Skate 2 event was just a chill experience (I'm sure the drinks helped). During my interview, he revealed how he became Skate 2's "hand-plant guy", which superhero he felt like when wearing a motion-capture suit, and how Madden helped him learn football formations.

G4TV: Darren Navarrette! How did you get involved with the Skate franchise?

Darren Navarrette: My involvement with Skate 2? It's just an honor to be part of the game, so whatever EA wanted me to do, I did it. I was just like, "Pfft! This is a huge honor! Let's do this!"

G4TV: What, specifically, did you do to make your mark on the game?

DN: They made me do a lot of hand-plant stuff. Skate 2 has lots of hand plants in the game. I kind of think that I might have been the guy that really brought that into it. I'm kind of known for that kind of stuff in skateboarding -- hand plants.

G4TV: So every time someone sees a hand plant in the game, it's probably Darren Navarrette!

DN: It probably is, yeah! [laughs]

G4TV: What was the motion-capture process like for you? Have you ever done anything like that in the past?

DN: I've never done anything like that before. It was kind of embarrassing! Nobody wants to see a two-by-four in a wetsuit walking around, let alone skate with the thing on. It was totally embarrassing, to tell you the truth. I felt awkward…but it was kind of fun too!

G4TV: Come on. The motion-capture suit must have made you feel a little bit like Batman, right?

DN: Actually, I kind of felt more like Wonder Woman. [laughs] It was fun!

G4TV: We were talking about this before when we were drinking -- you're into all kinds of games. Give me the rundown of what you like to play.

DN: I really like the Medal of Honor games. I guess I like shooting people. Yeah? Though I'm more of a sniper kind of guy. I wish there were more games that only emphasized just sniping. Of course I like Madden, NBA Live games, that kind of stuff. It's funny, because I always liked football as a kid, but I never really played it in an organized way, you know? Now I know a lot more about football, just from playing Madden.

G4TV: So Madden helped you learn formations? That kind of thing?

DN: Exactly, exactly. I know the formations now. I know dime defense, nickel defense, 4-3, all that stuff.

G4TV: So Skate was a really well received game -- both by critics and consumers. What's going to make Skate 2 so cool?

DN: Well…I hope it's because I'm in it! [laughs] Seriously though, the one thing I really like about Skate 2 is that you can step off your skateboard now. Now you can put the board in your hands and walk up stairs and stuff. Before if there was something in your way, you had to go all the way back around, try again, and move around it. Now you can just pop the board in your hands, keep walking, and start skating again. To me, that's just more realistic -- more like real skateboarding. It's more authentic.

Plus there's all these new tricks. There's more hidden stuff. To be honest with you, I'm much better at real skateboarding than playing the game, but I promise to keep working on it! [laughs].

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