TMNT Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo have all lost their focus and ninja discipline. It's up to Leonardo to reunite the band of brothers, maintain their family unity, and save New York City from a monstrous evil that lurks around every corner! Learn the art of Ninjitsu and become a master of combat. Each of the four Ninja Turtles has his own unique acrobatic moves and special abilities, like Mike's nunchuck face slap and Raph's sai throw. Jump from rooftop to rooftop and scale tall buildings as you follow the plot of the movie and visit every corner of the city to confront your enemies. Together, the Turtles can team up to reach new places and defeat their enemies!
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TMNT Cheats

  • Family Unit

    Do a co-op move combination attack.

  • Bite me!

    After finishing level 12.

  • Used Raph's special move

    Used Raph's special move.

  • Spirit of the Forest

    After finishing level 5.

  • Used Leo's special move

    Used Leo's special move.

  • Vigilantism

    After finishing level 2.

  • When the slime comes

    After finishing level 10.

  • O brother where art thou

    After finishing level 11.

  • Used Don's special move

    Used Don's special move.

  • Tower Power

    After finishing level 9.

  • Get your first coin

    Get your first coin.

  • Winter's Secret

    After finishing level 16.

  • Mystical Jungle

    After finishing level 1.

  • Techno Ninjutsu

    After finishing level 3.

  • All is Forgiven

    After finishing level 13.

  • The Mysterious Leader

    After finishing level 15.

  • Cowabunga Carl Getaway

    After finishing level 4.

  • Ninjas in the crypt

    After finishing level 14.

  • Ninja Tag Time

    After finishing level 6.

  • The Game is the Foot

    After finishing level 7.

  • Foot trail

    After finishing level 8.

  • Clean Sweep

    After finishing a level without taking damage.

  • Used Mike's special move

    Used Mike's special move.

  • How to beat the Shredder

    In the Boss fight where you must defeat the Shredder, instead of focusing on the many Shredder clones, try fighting the real Shredder. He just stands still while his clones fight you. One attack that works well is Don's team move that shocks any enemy near its radius. Approach him close and use it. It will shock the clones and him, and he will...