BioShock Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Take Two
  • Genre:Action, RPG, Shooter
  • Developer: 2K Boston
  • Release Date:Aug 20, 2007
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore,Drug Reference,Intense Violence,Sexual Themes,Strong Language)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Bioshock. It seemed like the perfect idea: build a city (Rapture) hidden underneath the sea and populate it with a hand-picked group of scientists, artists, and visionaries. But when the experience goes horribly wrong, it's up to you to descend into the murky depths and decide what will happen to the mutated and dying population (splicers). Genetically modify your body throughout the city and upgrade your weapons using ionic gels, plasmids, explosives, and poisons. Hack into computers to control this man-made world and give yourself an advantage over the enemy. Fight for your life - terrifying citizens lurk around every corner - and make your choices carefully, because each decision determines the outcome of the game.
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BioShock Cheats

  • Defeated Andrew Ryan

    The player has defeated Andrew Ryan.

  • Found Cohen's Room

    The player has entered Sander Cohen's personal quarters.

  • Fully Researched Little Sister

    Fully research the Little Sister.

  • Historian

    Find every audio diary.

  • Little Sister Savior

    Complete the game without harvesting any Little Sisters.

  • Lucky Winner

    Hit the jackpot at a slot machine.

  • Researched a Splicer

    Take at least one Research Photo of a Splicer.

  • Upgraded a Weapon

    Acquire at least one weapon upgrade.

  • Bought One Slot

    Purchase one slot in any Plasmid or Tonic track.

  • Brass Balls

    Beat the game on Hard difficulty without using a Vita Chamber.

  • Four Fully Upgraded Weapons

    Fully upgrade four weapons.

  • Fully Researched Bouncer

    Fully research the Bouncer.

  • Fully Researched Rosie

    Fully research the Rosie.

  • Hacked a Security Bot

    Successfully hack a security bot.

  • Hacked a Security Camera

    Successfully hack a security camera.

  • Hacked a Turret

    Successfully hack a turret.

  • Weapon Specialist

    Acquire all upgrades for all weapons.

  • Avid Inventor

    Successfully invent at least 100 items.

  • Completed Welcome

    Successfully complete the Welcome To Rapture Level.

  • Defeated Atlas

    The player has defeated Atlas.

  • Five Fully Upgraded Weapons

    Fully upgrade five weapons.

  • Ammo Inventor

    Successfully invented all possible ammo types.

  • Became a Big Daddy

    The player has become a Big Daddy.

  • Dealt with every Little Sister

    Either Harvest or Rescue every Little Sister in the game.

  • Defeated Dr. Steinman

    The player has defeated the crazed Dr. Steinman.

  • Defeated Peach Wilkins

    The player has defeated Peach Wilkins.

  • Fully Researched Gun Splicer

    Fully research the Leadhead Splicer.

  • Maxed All Tracks

    Purchased every slot in all four Plasmid and Tonic tracks.

  • Prolific Photographer

    Take at least one photo in every research group.

  • Completed Cohen's Masterpiece

    The player has completed Sander Cohen's great masterpiece.

  • Fully Researched Thug Splicer

    Fully research the Thuggish Splicer.

  • Restored the Forest

    The player has restored the forests of Arcadia.

  • Basic Inventor

    Successfully invent at least one item.

  • Fully Researched Spider Splicer

    Fully research the Spider Splicer.

  • Maxed One Track

    Purchased every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic tracks.

  • One Fully Upgraded Weapon

    Fully upgrade one weapon.

  • Quality Research Photo

    Take a Research Photo of the highest grade.

  • Two Fully Upgraded Weapons

    Fully upgrade two weapons.

  • Fully Researched Houdini Splicer

    Fully research the Houdini Splicer.

  • Hacked a Vending Machine

    Successfully hack a vending machine.

  • Research PhD

    Max out all possible research.

  • Toaster in the Tub

    Shock an enemy in the water.

  • Broke Fontaine's Mind Control

    The player has broken Fontaine's mind control.

  • Hacked a Safe

    Successfully hack a safe.

  • One Successful Hack

    Perform at least one successful hack.

  • Seriously Good At This

    Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

  • Three Fully Upgraded Weapons

    Fully upgrade three weapons.

  • Fully Researched Nitro Splicer

    Fully research the Nitro Splicer.

  • Irony

    The player has taken a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse.

  • Skilled Hacker

    Successfully complete 50 hacks.

  • Tonic Collector

    Collect or Invent 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks.

  • Big Daddy transformation tip

    Once you transform into a "Big Daddy" save the game and start a new one and you should still be a big dady, thus not setting off security cameras, splicers won't atack you, ect.

  • Suzie Smasher

    When fighting suzie use armor peircing rounds, the damage is a great increase in damage compared to ordinary rounds.

  • Weapon Upgrade Station locations

    1: In Peach Wilkins' hideout (Neptune's Bounty), bottom floor. As soon as you come downstairs it is directly in front of you. 2: On the way to Farmer's Market in Arcadia, the station is located to the left after you go up the first stairs coming from Tree Farm. 3: The Winery's basement in Farmer's Market. There is a flooded area with one of them...