Cry On - Xbox 360

Cry On
Game Description:This Xbox 360 game is a joint project between Mistwalker and Cavia. The theme of Cry On is tears, both of sadness and joy. Players will take control of main character Sally in this action adventure, working through scenarios that promise an emotional response. Cry On takes place in a world where people live amongst giant sand creatures. Sally is in the company of one of them, a creature named Bogle, and fights alongside it. Although normally tiny, Bogle can transform into a giant beast to fight. He'll do so when Sally is in danger. The game promises to give players the perspective not just of Sally, but of Bogle as well. The game will play out with portions from both characters' perspectives. Cry On features former Final Fantasy mastermind Hironobu Sakaguchi as producer and scenario writer, with composing partner Nobuo Uematsu's music.
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