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Game Description:Make a beeline for adventure in this game based on the Bee Movie. Playing as the quick-moving and quick-witted Barry B. Benson, you'll start in the bustling bee town New Hive City. The adventure then spills outside the hive and into New York, where you'll outrun and outgun enemies and other dangers in thrilling chases and showdowns. Activate your Bee Vision to locate safe zones and pollen, use Barry's Bee Reflexes to slow time and escape sticky situations, and more. On top of 15 richly detailed levels, you'll find multiplayer modes, side quests, mini-games, and the Generation Hex Arcade, where some old-school Activision classics have been given a bee-flavored makeover.
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Bee Movie Game News

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  • 'Bee Movie' Demo On Xbox Live

    The demo for the videogame version of Jerry Seinfeld's upcoming CGI movie Bee Movie is live, right now, and we're all abuzz* over this honey* of a demo. It's giving me hives* just thinking about it. The demo features a "full action-packed chase level in which players must learn to navigate an onslaught of New York City street traffic,...

    Posted October 5, 2007| 8 Comments

    'Bee Movie' Demo On Xbox Live
  • Bee Movie Game Preview

    Posted: October 29, 2007

    2,450 Views | 02:05

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