Sonic the Hedgehog Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Fifteen years after making his debut as Sonic the Hedgehog, the famous blue creature races into next-generation gaming! In his first trip into the world of humans, Sonic befriends the princess Elise. She's kidnapped by Dr. Eggman in a plot to destroy her kingdom, and it's Sonic to the rescue! The 360's capabilities combine with light bloom and motion blur effects, delivering a feeling of speed that's dizzying, even by Sonic standards. Encounter friends and foes from the entire Sonic franchise, plus a new, powerful enemy, Sliver. The game's divided into Town Stages to explore and Action Stages to shred. Up to four friends can play as Sonic (and his friends) online.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Cheats

  • Blaze the Cat

    Finish every Soleana mystery mission.

  • Rouge the Bat

    Finish every GUN Commander mission.

  • Knuckles the Echidna

    Finish every Town Stage mission with an "S" rank.

  • Free mode

    Get an "S" rank on all of Sonic's, Shadow's, and Silver's levels, Bosses, and town missions.

  • Last Episode

    Complete Sonic's Episode, Silver's Episode, and Shadow's Episode.

  • Play as Silver The Hedgehog

    Win the Silver The Hedgehog Boss battle as Sonic.

  • Play as Shadow The Hedgehog

    Successfully complete Crisis City as Sonic.

  • E-123 Omega

    Finish every GUN Commander mission with an "S" rank.

  • Amy Rose

    Finish every Soleana mystery mission with an "S" rank.

  • Miles "Tails" Prower

    Finish every Town Stage mission.

  • Extras menu

    After successfully finishing Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's Story mode 100% you will unlock the "Extras" option, at the main menu with "Audio Room" and "Theater Room" options.

  • Audio Room music

    After finishing the indicated episode with a 100% rank you will unlock the corresponding theme in the Audio Room. Elise's Theme: The Last Episode; Shadow's Theme (All Hail Shadow): Shadow's Episode; Silver's Theme (Dreams of An Absolution): Silver's Episode; Sonic's Theme (His World): Sonic's Episode.

  • Soleanna's Hero

    Solve all Soleannans' problems.

  • One to reach the end

    End the last hidden story.

  • Sonic Episode - completed

    By clearing unlocked Sonic difficult level mission.

  • Ultimate Life Form

    Resurrect the ultimate power from the lost memory.

  • Dark Hero

    Meet all the requests with magnificent skill.

  • Psychic Soldier

    Obtain all the power to save the future world.

  • Silver The Savior

    Reveal all the secrets with your ultimate power.

  • Sonic Episode - cleared

    By clearing Sonic Episode.

  • Silver Episode - completed

    By clearing unlocked Silver difficult level mission.

  • Sonic Episode - mastered

    By clearing all unlocked Sonic ACT Missions with Rank S.

  • Silver The Liberator

    Solve all the mystery in Soleanna.

  • Elite Agent

    Complete all the tasks given as agent.

  • Silver Episode - cleared

    By clearing Silver Episode.

  • Shadow Episode - completed

    By clearing unlocked Shadow difficult level mission.

  • Shadow Episode - cleared

    By clearing Shadow Episode.

  • Shadow Episode - mastered

    By clearing all unlocked Shadow ACT Missions with Rank S.

  • Gold Medalist

    Collect all the Soleanna legendary Gold Medals.

  • Legend of Soleanna

    Overcome all trials and accomplish a great feat.

  • Soleanna's blue wind

    Solve all the problems swiftly.

  • Silver Episode - mastered

    By clearing all unlocked Silver ACT Missions with Rank S.

  • Blue Phantom

    Super Sonic Obtain the all moves.

  • Nights of Kronos

    Unlock the complete ending to the last hidden story.

  • Silver Medalist

    Collect all the Silver Medals scattered around Soleanna.

  • Chaos Emerald

    Get one Chaos Emerald.

  • Fast Win

    Beat the game in under 40 minutes.

  • Perfect Win

    Beat the game with out dying.

  • Chaos Master

    Get all the Chaos Emeralds.

  • Labyrinth Zone

    Get to the Labyrinth Zone.

  • Fast Marble

    Beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds.

  • Clear Green

    Clear the Green Hill Zone.

  • Centurion

    Get 100 rings.

  • Fast Green

    Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 seconds.

  • Spring Yard Zone

    Get to the Spring Yard Zone.

  • Win

    Beat the game.

  • Star Light Zone

    Get to the Star Light Zone.

  • Mini Sonic

    Select multi-player mode and choose Battle mode. Select Silver and Sonic and go to any level. Get to the first checkpoint and have Sonic fall and appear at the checkpoint. However, do not move him. Then, make Silver fall and appear at the checkpoint. Just when Silver appears, freeze Sonic (RT). When he is frozen he appears very small.

  • Very fast Sonic

    In multi-player mode in any level or match, equip the Red Gem on Sonic, Activate it and hold it, then die. While still holding the activation button, wait till you respawn. When you respawn, deactivate the gem. You will now run ten times faster than normal. Also, the time will automatically be slow.

  • How to beat Silver

    When you fight Silver as Sonic, first do a slide move into him as he is falling from the sky. Then, collect a ring and run around until you hear "How bout this?" and do a homing attack on him. Run away again until you hear "How bout this?" again and do another homing attack again. Repeat this until he has been defeated.

  • How to beat Solaris

    First, use Silver to weaken him until his first arm guard falls off. Then, switch to Shadow and hit him with the beams until his second arm guard falls off. Next, use Sonic to defeat the rest of his first form. Then, just use all three to survive the blows of lasers, and continuously attack.