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Game Description:In the future, a former black-ops commando named Joseph Turok has joined an elite unit known only as Whiskey Company. Whiskey is tasked with taking down a war criminal named Roland Kane. The Whiskey Company ship is shot down en route to Kane's genetically altered planet. Now, it's up to you to enter the epic story and use Turok's military training to elude Kane's army and massive, bloodthirsty dinosaurs and insects, all intent on having you for dinner. Overwhelm the enemy with firepower or utilize quiet kill techniques with your knife or bow. Face the enemy head-on and grapple with dinosaurs, or make the terrible lizards attack your enemies!
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Turok News

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  • Tron: Evolution Developer Propaganda Closing

    Well, that was quick. A little more than a month past the launch of the development house's biggest game (Tron: Evolution) Disney has decided to shutter the Propaganda Games. Propaganda, based in Vancouver, B.C., started up in 2005 and was bought by Disney the same year. They are the company behind 2008's Turok, which took the can't-miss...

    Posted January 20, 2011

    Tron: Evolution Developer Propaganda Closing
  • Is 'Turok' Sequel Dead?

    The tsunami of layoffs that is sweeping our country has hit Disney. It looks like one casualty is the sequel to last year's Turok first-person shooter. The unannounced game was reportedly in development at Disney's Propaganda studios. Game blog Kotaku's inside sources say Propaganda Games is laying off approximately 70 employees. "That...

    Posted January 29, 2009| 16 Comments

    Is 'Turok' Sequel Dead?
  • Adam Beach In 'Turok' Film

    There are announcements, and there are announcements. We will leave it to you to decide which one of those this particular announcement should be attributed to. Adam Beach (Flags of our Fathers) will star in a Turok film, he told MTV in a recent interview. Don't, however, start queuing for tickets yet. You see, the film isn't going to start...

    Posted June 11, 2008| 9 Comments

    Adam Beach In 'Turok' Film
  • Zero Punctuation Takes On 'Turok'

    In case you missed last night's preview on X-Play, here's the latest Zero Punctuation, where Yahtzee, the wittiest/complainiest videogame reviewer ever, takes on Turok. SPOILER: He makes fun of it. Don't forget that X-Play previews the latest episode of The Escapist Magazine's Zero Punctuation each Tuesday night at 8PM ET.

    Posted March 19, 2008| 13 Comments

    Zero Punctuation Takes On 'Turok'
  • 'Turok' Cast Announced, Amazing

    The voice-acting cast of upcoming dinosaur hunting simulator Turok was announced this morning and it is nothing short of amazing! Timothy Olyphant, Powers Boothe, Ron Perlman, William Fichtner and Donnie Wahlberg are among the top-tier talent on-hand to make this "story-driven" shooter more awesomer. “The actors who lent their...

    Posted October 3, 2007| 10 Comments

    'Turok' Cast Announced, Amazing
  • G-Phoria 08: Game Most Deserving of an Uwe Boll Movie

    Posted: August 7, 2008

    4,953 Views | 01:38 | 2 Comments

  • Game Most Deserving An Uwe Boll Movie

    Posted: July 23, 2008

    1,313 Views | 00:42 | 9 Comments

  • X-Play's Top 10 Badass Weapons: Part Two

    Posted: June 18, 2008

    24,274 Views | 02:59 | 17 Comments

  • X-Play Gaming Update 03.27.08

    Posted: March 27, 2008

    2,511 Views | 02:08 | 1 Comment

  • Turok: Elevator Level

    Posted: February 27, 2008

    4,559 Views | 01:50 | 3 Comments


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