Gears of War Latest News - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Release Date:Nov 9, 2006
  • # of Players:8 players
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore,Intense Violence,Strong Language)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Gears of War was revolutionary enough to earn multiple critics honors at E3 2006, and it's easy to see why. You're Marcus Fenix, a soldier with a face chiseled from granite and a will forged from iron. Lead your squad in humanity's desperate last stand against the Locust Horde, an endless swarm of horrifying creatures. You're completely outnumbered and outgunned in this third-person tactical action shooter. And you're the last chance we've got. Tactical maneuvers and teamwork are key, cover doesn't last, and fellow soldiers react with heightened AI. The brand-new Unreal Engine 3 powers Gears of War's cinematic experience, creating an environment realistic enough to walk into...if you've got the guts.
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    4.6 / 5
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Gears of War News

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  • Bleszinski Wants Less Buttons on the Next Xbox

    Epic Games Designer and Gears of War Mastermind, Cliff Bleszinski, said recently, "I hope if there's a new Xbox that there'll be fewer buttons on the controller." Never has the 33 year-old lifelong hardcore gamer sounder more old than in that moment. Wisely, he elaborated saying: "I think you could do things with a built-in...

    Posted July 9, 2008| 40 Comments

    Bleszinski Wants Less Buttons on the Next Xbox
  • Cliff Bleszinski Talks Gears Controls, Multiplayer

    Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Games Designer for Epic, who put out Gears of War and is getting set to release Gears of War 2, spoke with GamePro about many of the new features of his upcoming war juggernaut. Highlights include destructible environments, a much improved cover system, adjustable controls, and, of course, enhanced use of the chainsaw....

    Posted June 20, 2008| 41 Comments

    Cliff Bleszinski Talks Gears Controls, Multiplayer
  • Wiseman To Direct 'Gears' Flick

    News for movie heads: Gears of War: The Movie is continuing its march from good idea to your local multiplex. Len Wiseman has signed on to direct the movie, and it's being produced by Temple Hill's Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey. Chris Morgan,(Wanted and The Fast and the Furious 4,) will write the screenplay. Wiseman and Morgan will develop the...

    Posted June 17, 2008| 30 Comments

    Wiseman To Direct 'Gears' Flick
  • 'Gears' Movie Gets Director, Date

    Set your time machine for Summer 2010; that's when the Gears of War movie is tentatively scheduled to be released. ComingSoon.net spoke with producer Wyck Godfrey about the status of the adaptation, and he said: "We've got our script on and a director we're about to attach. We'll hopefully make that early next year for the summer of...

    Posted March 31, 2008| 25 Comments

    'Gears' Movie Gets Director, Date
  • 'Gears' Multiplayer Almost Wasn't

    How ripped-off would you feel if you bought Gears of War, tore into it, and discovered that the entire game consisted of the way-way-short single-player campaign? No multi-player. No nothing. Pretty ripped-off, we imagine. That nightmare almost happened, according to Epic president Mike Capps. "I was going to cut multiplayer from Gears...

    Posted October 29, 2007| 14 Comments

    'Gears' Multiplayer Almost Wasn't
  • BAFTA Award Noms Are In

    The BAFTA Awards, arguably the most prestigious videogame awards ceremony in the world, has announced nominees for this year's awards, and Wii Sports is the big winner with seven nominations, including Best Game, Casual, Gameplay, Innovation and Multiplayer. That's pretty mighty for the little Wii game that could. The other games with multiple...

    Posted October 18, 2007| 7 Comments

    BAFTA Award Noms Are In
  • No 'Gears of War' Movie?

    New Line has, it seems, put the kibosh on a planned film based on the immensely popular Gears of War. So, it seems like you won't be seeing Marcus Fenix on the big screen anytime soon. The reason? The large budget required to do the movie, coupled with the fact that most films based on videogames have been total crap and have done bad business,...

    Posted October 5, 2007| 33 Comments

    No 'Gears of War' Movie?
  • CliffyB Talks 'Gears' Movie

    Yeah, yeah, it's all about Halo 3 lately, but there's an older shooter that demands your attention: Gears of War. While creator CliffyB is tight-lipped about any sequel plans for the blockbuster, he had a little to say about the Gears of War movie. It's being developed at New Line cinema with Stuart Beattie, who wrote Pirates of the...

    Posted October 4, 2007| 29 Comments

    CliffyB Talks 'Gears' Movie


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