N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights - Xbox 360

Game Description:Set on a ravaged world, N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights invites the player to take on all comers in a series of spectacular battles. Players can enjoy the story from five different perspectives - including humans, elves and goblins - and are pitted against wave after wave of adversaries in the ultimate 'last man standing' free-for-all. Each of the species is given a specific back story which unfolds as the game progresses, while the various races also bring unique skills and abilities to the battle field. At its heart, N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights is a vast combat title, with hundreds of enemy creatures on screen simultaneously. As the camera picks over the action, the player can use a wealth of easily-effected combo attacks to carve a path through the enemy, and also use whatever weapons and items come to hand. At the end of each skirmish, players will then face a 'Titanic Boss Battle' against the champion of their current adversary, with players forced to move quickly and locate the well hidden weak spots of these seemingly unstoppable behemoths. N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights also has a stunning two-player co-op online mode, wherein players team up against the oncoming hordes, working together to expand their combo range to take out more enemy assailants at once. This two-player mode features online ranking boards detailing the most effective pairings across the globe.
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E3 2010: N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights II Preview

E3 2010: N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights II Preview

By Joe Rybicki - Posted Jun 22, 2010

What We Already Know:

That it's a hack-and-slash game with a dark fantasy storyline and hundreds of characters onscreen.

What We're Seeing Now:

Pretty much that. N3II lets you mow through wave after wave of enemies, with the game throwing "a couple hundred characters" at you at any given time, in the words of one Konami rep. To survive you've got upgradeable weapons and over-the-top magic spells that fill the screen with effects. Picture something like Dynasty Warriors making dirty love to Bayonetta and you'll be on the right track: It's big, it's flashy, it features a lot of button-mashing, and it doesn't appear to take itself too seriously.

The big addition from the previous game is online co-op, where two players can join together to plow through these ridiculous waves of enemies. There's no special abilities or joint attacks that take place -- it's just two players engaging in a little shared killing.

There's something to be said for simplicity and directness, and N3II appears to be comfortable with what it is: Hack. Slash. Repeat until satisfied.

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