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  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Release Date:Sep 24, 2007
  • # of Players:1 player, 16 online
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore,Mild Language,Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The entire epic story has led up to this moment. The Covenant has taken control of Earth. The Flood's numbers continue to swell. Humanity is scattered and nearly destroyed. Only Master Chief, the genetically altered, cybernetically enhanced Spartan supersoldier, can save mankind. Find the answers to all your questions as you battle your way through the final chapter of the Halo saga! What will happen to Cortana, still caught in the clutches of Gravemind? Will the Covenant activate the network of Halos and destroy all sentient life in the galaxy? Or will Master Chief find the cunning and firepower he needs to destroy the Flood, stop the Covenant, and rescue humanity?
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Halo 3 News

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  • 'Halo 3' Goes Double XP this Weekend

    Grab your Gravity Hammer and Plasma Sword... it's time for DoubleXP Grifball in Halo 3. From Bungie: "Grifball, the game created by Burnie Burns of Red vs. Blue will be an unranked, weekend-long social playlist awarding DoubleXP to winning teams. We've slightly adjusted some of the rules for Grifball (unlimited round times make for...

    Posted March 7, 2008| 20 Comments

    'Halo 3' Goes Double XP this Weekend
  • 'Halo 3' Patched, Melee "Fixed"

    Halo 3 melee has now been "fixed" after careful testing by Bungie and pro-gamers from the MLG. Boot up Halo and you'll be auto-updated. Two notes from Bungie on the patch: NOTE: You may experience a few laggier-than-usual games after the update is installed as it resets your hosting and network connection history. This history...

    Posted February 20, 2008| 29 Comments

    'Halo 3' Patched, Melee "Fixed"
  • 'Halo 3' Valentine's Day Playlist

    From now until Monday, Halo 3 players will be treated to a Valentine's Day Massacre playlist, which will be a variation of the Team Doubles playlist. You know, for you and that special someone. The playlist will also help Bungie test out some tournament tracking features they are working on and they say they will be doling out some awards for...

    Posted February 14, 2008| 22 Comments

    'Halo 3' Valentine's Day Playlist
  • 'Halo 3' Adidas Rule

    Adidas, the most-dope shoe company since they were made immortal by Run DMC, are cementing their legacy with the above Gilbert Arenas Halo 3 sneakers. Yeah. We want them too. Arenas, know for cheating at Halo 3, playing great ball, and funding game team The Final Boss, was supposed to wear a pair on the court on February 8th, but he's...

    Posted February 1, 2008| 17 Comments

    'Halo 3' Adidas Rule
  • Over Half of US 360 Owners Have 'Halo 3'

    Sure, Nintendo is selling a million-billion Wii's (though they don't take a loss on them), but their software attach rates aren't as high as they could be. Sony is moving even less software. Microsoft has no problem moving software and it shows. Apparently, about 52% of Xbox 360 owners that live in the United States own Halo 3. Compare this to...

    Posted December 18, 2007| 57 Comments

    Over Half of US 360 Owners Have 'Halo 3'
  • 'COD 4' To Outsell 'Halo 3?'

    A respected analyst says that it's entirely possible that Call of Duty 4 will outsell Halo 3 as a result of COD4 being available on more platforms. Also, it's a widely-hailed game that has a ton of pre-orders and is already sold out at most retailers. Now, since Halo 3 broke all sales records when it came out, that's a pretty bold...

    Posted November 9, 2007| 66 Comments

    'COD 4' To Outsell 'Halo 3?'
  • 'Halo 3' Kills Stiller Movie?

    In what has to be some of the haziest logic ever to come out of the spin machine that is Hollywood, studio executives are blaming Halo 3 for the poor box office numbers of Ben Stiller's The Heartbreak Kid. They further go on to note that, if everyone who logged into XBox Live to play the game over the weekend had bought a ticket for the film,...

    Posted October 16, 2007| 42 Comments

    'Halo 3' Kills Stiller Movie?
  • Bungie: Arenas Wasn't Cheating

    Behind-the-scenes at TheFeed, we thought the revelation that NBA superstar Gilbert Arenas admitted to boosting his Halo 3 EXP fraudulently was the funniest story of the year. For these reasons: Seriously, an NBA baller feels the need to boost his Halo score by cheating? Low self-esteem much? Shouldn't he be out banging women hotter than any...

    Posted October 15, 2007| 15 Comments

    Bungie: Arenas Wasn't Cheating
  • 'Halo 3' Gets Matchmaking Update

    Halo 3 got its first matchmaking update yesterday in a server-side patch. Bungie will do this throughout Halo 3's lifetime as they did with Halo 2. The changes are all positive. Hit the jump for the list: Read More?

    Posted October 10, 2007| 49 Comments

    'Halo 3' Gets Matchmaking Update
  • Bungie To Continue Making 360 Games

    If news of Halo-creator Bungie splitting from Microsoft filled your head with visions of a Halo-like game for the PlayStation 3 (or even the Wii), we have bad news for you: Bungie says it will continue developing games for the 360. Wired.com sat down with Bungie's content manager and company spokesman Frank O'Connor who said this: "We can...

    Posted October 9, 2007| 49 Comments

    Bungie To Continue Making 360 Games
  • G4tv.com's 'Halo 3' Group

    Want to organize games with fellow G4tv.com readers? Well log into Bungie.net and point yourself right here: G4 Players Halo 3 Group It's the bestest.

    Posted October 8, 2007| 14 Comments

    G4tv.com's 'Halo 3' Group
  • 'Halo' Movie Completely Dead

    According to the man who was hired to direct it, the Halo movie is completely dead. Neill Blomkamp, who has been working on the project for the past few months, says that it's all due to the fact that the two studios, Universal and Fox, that are putting the film together are too far apart to make the project work. In addition, Blomkamp has put...

    Posted October 8, 2007| 47 Comments

    'Halo' Movie Completely Dead
  • Churches Using 'Halo 3'

    Halo 3 brings us closer to God. We're always screaming, "Jesus, I can't believe that noob blowed me up," and "Oh, God, not another jerk with a gravity hammer," but now according to the New York Times, legitimate churches all over the country are following the lead of TheFeed's sinister Satanic coven and using Halo 3 to lure...

    Posted October 8, 2007| 104 Comments

    Churches Using 'Halo 3'
  • 'Halo 3' Sells over $300 Million

    Microsoft today announced that their super-blockbuster shooter Halo 3 has made over $300 million in its first week of release. With that kind of money, you could buy like 15 hamburgers! Additionally, Microsoft reports sales of Xbox 360s have doubled since the game was released last Tuesday. “‘Halo’ is truly a cultural...

    Posted October 4, 2007| 113 Comments

    'Halo 3' Sells over $300 Million
  • Most Exclusive 'Halo 3' Armor EVER!

    See that flaming Halo 3 helmet? It doesn't matter how many achievements you earn, how many skulls you find or how loud you cry: You can't have it. The flaming helmet is an armor permutation that can only be wielded by employees of Bungie, so if you really, really want it, better dust off your resume and apply for a job. Xbox360Fanboy: Bungie...

    Posted October 3, 2007| 45 Comments

    Most Exclusive 'Halo 3' Armor EVER!
  • Game of the Year Nominees

    Posted: July 23, 2008

    5,815 Views | 02:29 | 24 Comments

  • Gears of War vs. Halo

    Posted: July 14, 2008

    6,335 Views | 02:06

  • X-Play Gaming Update 07.07.08

    Posted: July 7, 2008

    2,052 Views | 02:27

  • Pro Tips with TSquared: Halo 3 - Blackout

    Posted: June 24, 2008

    8,363 Views | 02:10 | 12 Comments

  • G-Phoria Needs Your Help!

    Posted: June 23, 2008

    839 Views | 04:27 | 3 Comments

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