Halo 3 Latest News - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Release Date:Sep 24, 2007
  • # of Players:1 player, 16 online
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore,Mild Language,Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The entire epic story has led up to this moment. The Covenant has taken control of Earth. The Flood's numbers continue to swell. Humanity is scattered and nearly destroyed. Only Master Chief, the genetically altered, cybernetically enhanced Spartan supersoldier, can save mankind. Find the answers to all your questions as you battle your way through the final chapter of the Halo saga! What will happen to Cortana, still caught in the clutches of Gravemind? Will the Covenant activate the network of Halos and destroy all sentient life in the galaxy? Or will Master Chief find the cunning and firepower he needs to destroy the Flood, stop the Covenant, and rescue humanity?
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Halo 3 News

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  • 'Halo' Getting Board Game

    Many a night, as I played Halo in my dark, artificially cooled apartment I wondered if there was a better way to play the game. Sure, the Xbox 360 lends itself quite nicely to a FPS and Halo is Microsoft's established franchise, but there was something missing. Something cardboard. For almost a year the answer has eluded me, but now I can...

    Posted July 3, 2008| 31 Comments

    'Halo' Getting Board Game
  • More Kills In 'Halo 3' Than People On Earth

    According to a thread on their forums, Bungie has calculated that there have been more deaths in the Halo 3 campaign than there are people living on Earth right now. Yes, we're serious. Bungie says that 6,719,996,560 characters have been killed in the Halo 3 story campaign since launch day, and the population of this planet is estimated to be...

    Posted June 23, 2008| 21 Comments

    More Kills In 'Halo 3' Than People On Earth
  • 'GTA IV' Slips to 3rd Place on Live

    It seems that Grand Theft Auto IV's reign of terror over the Xbox Live leaderboards is over. As people finish the game, they are going back to Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3. Maybe the GTA IV multiplayer isn't all it's cracked up to be? Did you go back to CoD4 or Halo 3? Hit the jump for the new top 10 games being played on Xbox Live. Remember, this...

    Posted June 11, 2008| 88 Comments

    'GTA IV' Slips to 3rd Place on Live
  • 13 Year-Old Steals Card, Buys Hookers

    Ralph Hardy, a 13 year-old kid stole his father's credit card and racked up $30,000 worth of debt on it, eventually partying in a hotel room with an XBox 360, Halo 3, a couple of friends, and two hookers. That kid is a flat baller. The kid, from Texas, managed to convince the desk clerk at the hotel that he and a friend had won a World of...

    Posted May 14, 2008| 71 Comments

    13 Year-Old Steals Card, Buys Hookers
  • What if Nintendo Made 'Halo 3'?

    What if Nintendo had made Halo 3? Check it out! This bit of Halo 3 machinima is hilarious.

    Posted May 12, 2008| 41 Comments

    What if Nintendo Made 'Halo 3'?
  • 'Halo 3' Legendary Maps: Ghost Town

    We wrap up our Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack videos with "Ghost Town". This asymmetrical map takes a little getting used to, but works extremely well for Slayer game types. Team Rockets is also fun, but we aren't quite sure why Team Snipers is an option on this map. Check out the footage and remember, don't teabag and drive. Watch...

    Posted April 17, 2008| 9 Comments

    'Halo 3' Legendary Maps: Ghost Town
  • 'Halo 3' Legendary Maps: Avalanche

    The second map in the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack is "Avalanche". This vehicle-heavy map is great for Big-Team objective game types like Capture the Flag and Bomb. Control of the laser at the back end of the map is key and you'll need teamwork to get the flag back to your base. Check out this Multi-Flag Battle Rifle CTF match where I...

    Posted April 16, 2008| 9 Comments

    'Halo 3' Legendary Maps: Avalanche
  • 'Halo 3' Legendary Maps: Blackout

    The Legendary Map Pack dropped yesterday and we booted it up at the office. What follows is the video record of my experiences getting my ass kicked on Blackout. You see, I didn't play Halo 2 online for more than a few games. Therefore, I found myself hilariously outgunned on a map that other gamers already know. You've been warned. ...

    Posted April 16, 2008| 9 Comments

    'Halo 3' Legendary Maps: Blackout
  • 'Halo 3' Legendary Map Pack Is Live

    The new Halo 3 maps are in! The Legendary Map Pack is now available for download on Xbox Live for a meager 800 Microsoft Points. Three new maps make up the bundle which includes one fan favorite, one all-new, and one reimagined classic. Players can now enjoy fragging each other into oblivion on "Ghost Town", "Avalanche", and...

    Posted April 15, 2008| 37 Comments

    'Halo 3' Legendary Map Pack Is Live
  • 'Halo 3' Legendary Map Pack Trailer!

    This trailer is way more serious than we thought it'd be and it certainly sets the mood. The mood being: getting teabagged by 14 year olds. Check it out and remember: the Legendary Map Pack releases on April 15, 2008 for 800 Microsoft fun bucks. Watch Larger Version of this Video

    Posted April 3, 2008| 27 Comments

    'Halo 3' Legendary Map Pack Trailer!
  • Mister Chief Invades 'Halo 3'

    I was just enjoying some Halo 3 when I noticed Mister Chief taking over Europe.

    Posted March 31, 2008| 26 Comments

    Mister Chief Invades 'Halo 3'
  • 'Halo 3' Heroic Maps Now Free

    Never got around to picking up the Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack? Well you've got no excuse now. They are free. You can maybe get a week or two of Heroic gaming in before everyone moves on to the Legendary Pack. Take a trip down memory lane with our videos of these newly free maps. Foundry: Watch Larger Version of this Video Read More?

    Posted March 25, 2008| 13 Comments

    'Halo 3' Heroic Maps Now Free
  • Third 'Halo 3' Legendary Map is "Blackout"

    Looks like the 3rd map in the Legendary Map Pack will be "Blackout", a remake of Halo 2's "Lockout". This map is a pretty strict remake, according to Bungie. The differences appear to be stylistic only with maybe a few tweaks to account for some of Halo 3's new gameplay features. Excited? We are! More screenshots after the...

    Posted March 25, 2008| 38 Comments

    Third 'Halo 3' Legendary Map is "Blackout"
  • 'Halo 3' Map Pack Dated, Priced

    Time to put on the Mjolnir armor and Hayabusa helmet (cause you're a scrub) and suit back up for some Halo 3. The Legendary Map Pack drops on April 15th for 800 Microsoft Fun Bucks. Two of the included maps have been announced: Ghost Town and Avalanche (pictured above). The third remains a mystery, but is promised to be a "returning...

    Posted March 19, 2008| 32 Comments

    'Halo 3' Map Pack Dated, Priced
  • 'GTA IV' May Blast 'Iron Man'

    Analysts are saying that Grand Theft Auto IV's April 29 release could interfere with the May 2 release of the Iron Man film as the demographics overlap. Film industry folks blamed the Halo 3 release last fall for a slump in ticket sales. Halo 3 raked in $300 million in it's first week and due to the fact that GTA IV is multi-platform and more...

    Posted March 12, 2008| 42 Comments

    'GTA IV' May Blast 'Iron Man'
  • G-Phoria 08: Game of the Year

    Posted: August 7, 2008

    46,435 Views | 03:34 | 42 Comments

  • G-Phoria 08: Best Online Multiplayer

    Posted: August 7, 2008

    4,678 Views | 01:38 | 3 Comments

  • G-Phoria 08: Longest Lasting Game by Stride

    Posted: August 7, 2008

    2,586 Views | 01:38

  • G-Phoria 08: Best Shooter

    Posted: August 7, 2008

    4,486 Views | 01:40 | 4 Comments

  • Pro Tips with TSquared: Halo 3 - Narrows

    Posted: August 5, 2008

    9,940 Views | 02:19 | 16 Comments


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