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Jade Empire 2
Game Description: The follow-up to Bioware's captivating, Asian-themed RPG. NOTE: This game has not yet been officially announced. Although unofficial at this point, the sequel has been mentioned by team members as something being toyed around with as one of the several projects for the company.
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Jade Empire 2 News

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  • BioWare Would 'Love' To Revisit Jade Empire

    Jade Empire seemed interesting, but the immediate backlash to BioWare's post-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RPG (the inflated review scores at launch didn't help) pushed Jade Empire far enough off my plate that I never actually got around to playing it. BioWare seems keen to return to Jade Empire's world, though there's no indication...

    Posted October 14, 2009

    BioWare Would 'Love' To Revisit Jade Empire