Chromehounds Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:The battle lines have been drawn. The war of the future is underway. Which side will you choose? Command a pack of combat-hungry war machines known as Hounds in this futuristic squad-based, action-strategy, mech-combat game. Side with one of three warring superpowers, form a squad, then lock and load! Choose from more than 110 maps and campaigns in sprawling war zones. Create the ultimate war machine by customizing your Hound with millions of options, including weapons, accessories, parts, skins, and more. Communication, cooperation, quick thinking, and even quicker reflexes are the keys to survival. Xbox Live offers expansive multiplayer in a persistent online war zone.
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Chromehounds Cheats

  • Scout Complete

    By finishing the Scout arc in Story mode.

  • Biped Specialist

    Deploy the Bipedal Chassis 50 times.

  • Defense Complete

    By finishing the Defender arc in Story mode.

  • Marching Service

    Travel a total of 1000000.

  • Gold Eagle

    First in total fame for a given period.

  • Gold Cross

    First in seasonal fame at end.

  • Neroimus War Medal

    Affiliated nation wins Neroimus War.

  • Nation Resurrector

    Successfully revive affiliated nation.

  • Capital Occupation

    Affiliated nation destroys another.

  • Silver Hammer

    Destroy the enemy HQ and win 100 times.

  • Gunner Complete

    By finishing the H. Gunner arc in Story mode.

  • Gold Sword Cross

    First in total conquest points for period.

  • Military Service

    Deploy total of at least 300 times.

  • Gold Wing

    First in average total fame for a given period.

  • Survival Award

    Return alive 10 or more times in a row.

  • Gold Lion

    first in seasonal conquest points at end.

  • Tread Spec.

    Deploy on Treaded Chassis 50 times.

  • Humane Award

    End five times in a row without killing the enemy.

  • Bronze Wing

    Destroy 50 or more enemy HOUNDs.

  • Bloodless Award

    By winning five times without attacking the enemy.

  • Crushing Award

    Wipe out the enemy and live 100 times.

  • Silver Wing

    Destroy a total of 100 enemy HOUNDs.

  • Multi Spec.

    Deploy on Multi Chassis 50 times.

  • Scout Valor

    Scout experience level maxed.

  • Storming Award

    Attack the opponent first 30 times.

  • Hover Specialist

    Deploy the Hover Chassis 50 times.

  • Silver Flag

    Secure COMBASs a total of 300 times.

  • Gold Hexagon

    First in average seasonal fame at end.

  • Inverse Specialist

    Deploy on Inverse Chassis 50 times.

  • Gunner Valor

    H. Gunner experience level maxed.

  • Command Valor

    Commander experience level maxed.

  • Command Complete

    By finishing the Commander arc in Story mode.

  • Soldier Valor

    Soldier experience level maxed.

  • Wheel Specialist

    Deploy the Wheeled Chassis 50 times.

  • Bronze Patriot

    Stay with the same nation for 3 seasons.

  • All Tact. Complete

    By finishing all missions in Story mode.

  • Red Flag

    By winning a total of 100 times or more.

  • Soldier Complete

    By finishing the Soldier arc in Story mode.

  • Sniper Complete

    By finishing the Sniper arc in Story mode.

  • Defense Valor

    Defender experience level maxed.

  • Tact. Instructor

    Earn top marks in every Story mode mission.

  • Sniper Valor

    Sniper experience level maxed.

  • Easy on-line victory as a Sniper

    First you'll need a reverse legged mobility base,an adequate generator with plenty of joints, 3 special armors, a scout-type cockpit, a great stability chip, 2 battle rifles(WAR-1), 2 ordinary sniper rifles, 2 sniper-cannons, and long range night vision. Arrange so the generator is on the bottom(top of the legs) and the cockpit on the top.place...