Velvet Assassin Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:Enter a dream world and live out a nightmare in this World War II stealth-action saga inspired by real-life events. As British Intelligence agent and WII heroine Violette Szabo lies in a coma, you'll enter her mind and live out the horrors of World War II. Operate in the shadows of Nazi-controlled Europe, where you'll work as an assassin using stealth tactics to combat the Germans. The missions are harsh and uncompromisingly real. Infiltrate Nazi camps and poison your own men before they talk. Sneak up on enemies and pull pins from grenades clipped to their belts, and more as you travel through WWII locations rendered in surreal dream-like fashion.
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3 / 5
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    2.8 / 5
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Velvet Assassin Cheats

  • Assertiveness

    Kill 50 enemies during a campaign

  • Phoenix

    Complete mission "Fade To Grey - Hospital"

  • Close Combat Expert

    You have killed all enemies silently in "The Lost - Valley"

  • Gotta Light?

    Kill 10 enemies with the flare gun during a campaign

  • In The Lion's Den

    Complete mission "Leave A Light On - Docks"

  • Legend

    Complete campaign in Agent difficulty

  • Master Of Shadows

    Complete mission "The Lost - Valley"

  • Ninja

    Complete a mission firing a gun only when killing silently

  • Witness

    Complete mission "The Third Man - Ghetto"

  • Admiral

    Secure precious collectible in "Leave A Light On - Storage"

  • Attentiveness

    Secure 15 collectibles during a campaign

  • Delivery Service

    Complete mission "The Third Man - Prison"

  • Disciple

    Earn first skill point

  • Down-And-Dirty

    Complete mission "The Third Man - Sewers"

  • Phantom

    Complete a mission without getting identified

  • Rogue

    Kill 50 enemies silently during a campaign

  • Assassin

    Kill 200 enemies silently during a campaign

  • Blitzkrieg

    Complete the campaign in less than 5 hours

  • Firebug

    Complete mission "Leave A Light On - Storage"

  • General

    Secure precious collectible in "Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral"

  • Gold Lover

    Secure precious collectible in "Death Of The Butcher - Crypt"

  • Golden Bullet

    Secure precious collectible in "Le Boeuf"

  • Liberator

    Complete mission "Death Of The Butcher - Crypt"

  • Assault

    Complete mission "Le Boeuf"

  • Blast'Em

    Trigger 5 grenades during a campaign

  • Infiltration

    Complete mission "Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral"

  • Relentlessness

    Kill 300 enemies during a campaign

  • Ace

    Complete campaign in Normal difficulty

  • Curiosity

    Find all letters during a campaign

  • Demolition

    Complete mission "The Lost - Fuel Storage"

  • Eagle Eye

    Secure all collectibles during a campaign

  • Grand Master

    Earn 15 skill points during a campaign

  • Master

    Earn 10 skill points during a campaign

  • Sharp Senses

    Secure 40 collectibles during a campaign

  • Wine Connoisseur

    You have found the wine bottle in "The Lost - Fuel Storage"

  • Bad Temper

    Kill 150 enemies during a campaign

  • Diplomat

    Secure precious collectible in "The Third Man - Prison"

  • Detox

    Complete a mission without using morphine although you have some

  • Slayer

    Kill 100 enemies silently during a campaign