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Game Description:Enter a dream world and live out a nightmare in this World War II stealth-action saga inspired by real-life events. As British Intelligence agent and WII heroine Violette Szabo lies in a coma, you'll enter her mind and live out the horrors of World War II. Operate in the shadows of Nazi-controlled Europe, where you'll work as an assassin using stealth tactics to combat the Germans. The missions are harsh and uncompromisingly real. Infiltrate Nazi camps and poison your own men before they talk. Sneak up on enemies and pull pins from grenades clipped to their belts, and more as you travel through WWII locations rendered in surreal dream-like fashion.
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First Look: 'Velvet Assassin'

First Look: 'Velvet Assassin'

By Mike D'Alonzo - Posted Aug 21, 2008

When you're in Germany, and someone leads you into a dark room, you tend to get a little nervous. Luckily, in this case, we were led into a dark room by our pals at Gamecock, who had a first look at Velvet Assassin to give us...so, we looked. And this is what we saw.

The game starts with the main character, Violet Sumner, lying injured in a hospital bed, bleeding and in bad shape. The game takes place as Violet tries to reconstruct her memories to figure out what happened to her, and, as such, you play a good portion of the game through her memory, which, we're told, eventually catches up and the story moves forward.

Violet is a shadow-dwelling assassin behind the lines in Germany during World War II, where she gets to sneak around and kill people and blow things up. When you are hiding in places where people can't see you, you have a lovely shade of violet surrounding you, to signify as such. Good thing your name isn't Blackie or something, eh?

Anyway, the level we were shown is Violet's attempt to gather explosives and blow up a German bunker. Of course, this bunker is being guarded, so you have so sneak around and kill the guards to accomplish your goal, which you can do in a great many ways, not the least of which is silently stabbing them in the back of the head.

Another cool way to kill guards is that you can move up behind them and pull the pin on the grenades they have on them, which leads to them walking away and blowing up, which is also kinda cool.

At times, you can inject yourself with morphine in the "real" world, where you are in the hospital bed, which allows you to slow down your memories and take action while in a sort of dream state. It's a little weird, but you get used to it after the first couple of times you see it.

In all, Velvet Assassin looks like it has the capacity to be interesting and kind of fun. We'll have to see more to make an effective judgment, but it certainly contains some gameplay elements we have yet to see, which is always nice.

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