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Game Description: You love the Superstars, Divas and Legends. You watch every move, captivated by the high-flying stunts and twisting, turning storylines. The slap of the mat. The roar of the crowd. The booming echo of your favorite performer's taunts and jeers as his or her voice resonates throughout the arena. Now, the renowned franchise has been reborn — here come the wrestlers crashing into your living room.
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WWE '12 Previews

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    WWE '12 Preview -- Universe 2.0, Road to Wrestlemania Bring Pain, Drama, and Depth

    If our recent first look at THQ's latest wrestling effort taught us anything (besides how much a chair to the face actually hurts) it's that WWE fans have two big reasons to be extra excited about WWE '12: Universe 2.0 and the new Road to Wrestlemania.

    Posted: Oct 20, 2011

  • Video Preview

    WWE 12 On Location at SummerSlam 2011


    WWE superstars were out at SummerSlam 2011, and Blair Herter caught up with the likes of Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth, Natalya, and Kelly Kelly for a sneak peek at the upcoming WWE 12's simpler and faster gameplay and new Predator Technology animation system.

    Posted: Aug 24, 2011 | 9,138 Views | 02:49

  • Best of 2011: Best Sports Game

    Posted: December 14, 2011

    6,398 Views | 01:49

  • WWE '12 Video Review

    Posted: December 6, 2011

    9,572 Views | 02:45

  • WWE 12 "Brock Lesnar" Trailer

    Posted: November 22, 2011

    5,578 Views | 01:19

  • WWE '12 Features Trailer

    Posted: November 18, 2011

    21,284 Views | 01:29

  • WWE '12 "Macho Man Randy Savage" Trailer

    Posted: November 16, 2011

    4,528 Views | 00:56


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