de Blob 2 - Wii

Game Description: de Blob 2 will feature an in-depth single-player campaign with all-new power-ups and challenges, as well as multiplayer modes that support co-operative and competitive play.
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De Blob returns in another paint-filled, coloring adventure. Comrade Black is sucking all the fun out of Prisma City and only one lone blob (and his robot buddy) can save the poor citizens from a dull life of black and white conformity. Roll, jump, and climb through massive levels, painting everything in the way, while upgrading your blob and taking on new foes and challenges through a variety of beautiful, cartoonish landscapes.

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    E3 2010 Preview: de Blob: The Underground

    de Blob looks to expand its horizons with the upcoming sequel. Color your perception of the sequel with our first impressions of de Blob: The Underground.

    Posted: Jun 18, 2010

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