Donkey Kong Country Returns Cheats - Wii

Game Description: The banana hungry monkey and Diddy Kong are making a comeback with Donkey Kong Country Returns. Rare's platform game is back, but with a load of new twists. Players still get to search for all those hidden secrets and collectibles in DKC Returns.
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Donkey Kong Country Returns Cheats

  • Get 3 Extra Lives

    Select one of your save files with a low battery on your Wii Remote. Cranky Kong will tell you your battery is low and give you three lives out of sympathy.

  • Unlock World 9: The Golden Temple

    Collect every set of KONG letters in every level and complete every world's Temple level.

  • Unlock Mirror Mode

    Complete every level in the game, including the hidden Temple levels and the final Temple.

  • Unlock Ruins Music Gallery

    Defeat the "Ruined Roost" boss in the Ruins world

  • Unlock Cliff Music Gallery

    Defeat Thugly, the Cliff boss

  • Unlock Beach Music Gallery

    Defeat the "Pinchin' Pirates" Crabs, the Beach bosses

  • Unlock Forest Music Gallery

    Defeat the Mangoruby, the Forest boss

  • Unlock Cave Music Gallery

    Defeat the Moles from "The Mole Train" level, in the Cave world

  • Unlock Jungle Music Gallery

    Defeat Mugly, the Jungle boss

  • Unlock Volcano Music Gallery

    Defeat the final boss to complete the game

  • Unlock Factory Music Gallery

    Defeat the giant chicken robot in "Feather Fiend", the Factory boss