CSI: Deadly Intent Cheats - Wii

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CSI: Deadly Intent Cheats

  • Document Master

    Identify the Document for Nick in Case 4.

  • Extinguished

    Complete Case 4: Extinguished.

  • Heart Mender

    Reassemble heart-shaped ashtray in Case 1.

  • Last Gasp

    Complete Case 3: Last Gasp.

  • Strong Reader

    Visited a case file.

  • Crime Scene Impersonator

    Complete Case 5: Crime Scene Impersonator.

  • Gearhead

    Viewed the Options screen.

  • Touch of the Irish

    Collect all the bottles of Classic Cork.

  • Just for Good Measure

    Identify both items incriminating Steve Tampson before his final interrogation began.

  • Broken Hearted

    Complete Case 1: Broken Hearted.

  • Cinephile

    Watched a movie from a case file.

  • CSI: Deadly Intent

    Complete all five cases of CSI: Deadly Intent.

  • Deadly Secret

    Identify the makeup worn by the victim.

  • Fingerprint Master

    Identified the fingerprint for Dr. Langston in Case 1.

  • Chemistry Master

    Identify the chemical for Riley in Case 2.

  • DNA Master

    Identify the DNA for Juarice Briggs in Case 3.

  • Rub It In

    Interrogate Horace Willingham after he confesses.

  • Coulda Been a Contender

    Complete Case 2: Coulda Been a Contender.

  • We Love CSI Fans!

    Viewed the opening to CSI: Deadly Intent.