Punch-Out!! Cheats - Wii

Game Description:The fabled battle cry of "Body blow! Body blow!" from the legendary Punch-Out!! returns as the classic is reinvented for the Wii. Underdog fighter Little Mac is back and ready to rumble against a cast of classic Punch-Out characters and new contenders. Send Glass Joe to the canvas, dodge haymakers from King Hippo, and get advice from trainer Doc Louis as you battle your way to the World Video Boxing Association Championship. Go punch for punch with the Wii's motion controls or go old school with classic NES-style play by turning the Wiimote sideways.
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Punch-Out!! Cheats

  • Boxer Intros

    Whenever you view a boxer's intro movie it will be unlocked for viewing in gallery mode.

  • Headgear

    Lose 100 times in single-player mode to unlock headgear.

  • Donkey Kong

    Beat Donkey Kong in Last Stand mode and he'll be available for exhibition mode.

  • Audio Gallery

    Complete three challenges in exhibition mode on any character to unlock that character's audio gallery.

  • Regain Health Between Rounds

    Between rounds you can press the minus (-) button to regain some of your health. You'll hear a sound if you've done it correctly.

  • TKO Save

    When you're just about TKO'd press the 1 and 2 buttons repeatedly. You'll get another chance to fight, but this only works once per fight.

  • Regain health while your opponent is down

    When your opponent is knocked down you can alternate tapping the 1 and 2 buttons to regain some health.