Klonoa - Wii

  • Publisher: Namco
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer: Namco
  • Release Date:May 5, 2009
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E10+ - Everyone 10+ (Mild Cartoon Violence,Tobacco Reference)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Save a land of dreams in this remake of a classic platforming favorite. Phantomile is a magical realm formed by the dreams of the people who live there. Klonoa is one of those inhabitants, and he'll travel through many kingdoms to save his friends and the place he calls home. He's aided by Hewope, a friendly spirit who lives in Klonoa's magical ring. The ring fires a Wind Bullet, which gives Klono the ability to grab his enemies, inflate them, and use them as he pleases. Fluid side-scrolling platform-style play is enhanced with voiced character interactions and vibrant backdrops.
G4TV Rating
3 / 5
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    4 / 5
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'Klonoa' Gamers' Day Preview: Long-Awaited Platormer Returns

'Klonoa' Gamers' Day Preview: Long-Awaited Platormer Returns

By Jeffrey Kanjanapangka - Posted May 08, 2009

Namco Bandai Development Producer Hideo Yoshizawa previews the long-awaited return of the plaforming Klonoa remade for the Nintendo Wii. Available now, if you're on the fence here's what the following preview will offer in your purchasing decision:

  • The enhanced hardware capabilities of the Wii from the PS2
  • Classic style of gameplay
  • New Reverse Mode
  • and more.

Klonoa Gamers' Day Preview

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