Spyborgs - Wii

Game Description: Assemble a team of crime fighting cyborges. Defeat waves of enemies with guns, swords, and fists. Players can play alone, or in two-player co-op. Players use the wii-mote to move and attack.
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Kid-friendly beat-em-up game play returns to the Wii in Spyborgs, an arcade style brawler. Technically strong, Spyborgs offers a robust, albeit slightly repetitive, experience for those who yearn to kick the crap out of stuff.

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    Spyborgs for the Wii Preview


    Morgan Webb previews 'Spyborgs' for the Wii, a new two player brawler game. Daryl Allison from Capcom talks about the game's storyline, characters, combination attacks, combat and more.

    Posted: Sep 16, 2009 | 2,799 Views | 02:17

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