Monopoly Cheats - Wii

Game Description:Choose your piece - the horse, the shoe, the race car - then roll the dice, and away you go! The classic Atlantic City board, as well as the traditional rules, are in this digital version of the truly American board game. There are also a whole bunch of new boards and some new game modes, like Richest, which gets you into the game in a fast, accessible new way. Play on a jungle-themed board, or one with a theme like the future, cheese, or World Edition. Unlock new boards as you play more, and make sure to have lots of people around - this game is for groups. Try not to land in jail!
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Monopoly Cheats

  • Cardboard Board

    224 stamps (8 boards complete)

  • Sweet Board

    22 stamps (22 Properties owned)

  • Future Board

    6 stamps (6 Properties owned)

  • Jungle Board

    84 stamps (3 boards complete)

  • Deco Board

    168 stamps (6 boards complete)

  • Cheese Board

    56 stamps (2 boards complete)

  • Ice Board

    112 stamps (4 boards complete)