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Game Description:See a whole new side of Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Unleashed! When Dr. Eggman cracks the world into pieces, Sonic races to put it back together. But there's a twist! When the day ends, a new adventure begins. At sunset Sonic changes into a werehog and the focus shifts from speed to strength. Sonic's usually blisteringly fast gameplay gets throttled up thanks to a freshly built Hedgehog Engine that delivers new levels of Sonic speed and maneuverability. Use the Quick Step to dodge left or right without losing speed, carry top speed through turns with Speed Drift, trigger a Sonic Boost to blast beyond top speed, and more. 
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Sonic Unleashed Cheats

  • Final Adabat Stage

    Collect all items except for secret movie 36 which is collected in this mission

  • Sonic Omake Cutscene

    Once you've achieved all S-Ranks and completed all missions in the game, you'll unlock the game's final mission. Complete this mission and collect the hidden item to unlock a secret cutscene, "Sonic Omake".

  • Final Adabat Secret Mission

    Collect all Art, Music, Movies and Secret Documents (except for Movie #36) to unlock the final Adabat mission.

  • Beginning Boost

    When Sonic is counting down at the start of any daytime level, swing the Wiimote after he says "one", but before "go". Sonic will boost out in a spindash to start the level.

  • Super Sonic in Holaska

    After beating Dark Gaia go Holaska put village and go to all areas them go to the pickle lab. all this seems like its poinless but its not. After the picle lab go fight dark gaia again. After this go to Holaska talk to everyone but this time at night time. then go to the pickle lab at night. Then go to Holaska and do any day time level you will...

  • Play as Shadow

    After completing the game beating all missions getting all art work etc. go to the cheats in options and type in all x's and then leave create a new file dont play it. copy your completed file not on the new file you just made then erase the copy make another new file in its place then copy the first new file to be like the second new file....

  • start off with a spin dash

    First when you start a daytime level when the countdown goes to 1 wait a sec and shank the wii remote and if you do it connrecly you will start off with a spin dash.