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Game Description:The newest and cutest pets are yours to collect when you step into the Littlest Pet Shop! Choose from 32 of the fuzziest, cuddliest animal friends you could have. Name your pet and begin to explore the four environments the Littlest Pet Shop holds. Travel to a lush jungle, share winter activities together, spend a day in the garden, and manage your shop through the Pet Plaza. Care for your pets and complete mini-games with them to earn accessories, playsets, and new pets. Don't forget to spoil your pals with scarves, glasses, and over 100 more irresistible pet accessories.
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Littlest Pet Shop News

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  • EA Gives Us The "Nut Feast"

    Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impression on us, and today's impression comes courtesy of Electronic Arts' The Littlest Pet Shop. This kiddy/girly title is a bit outside of our cone-of-interest--you can't kill anything--but we're going to buy it when it comes out in October for one reason only: The Nut Feast. One of the...

    Posted August 20, 2008| 3 Comments

    EA Gives Us The "Nut Feast"
  • EA Press Conference Rundown From Leipzig

    We're out in the hall at GCDC '08, at a stand with a ton of monitors on it in a wall, for the Electronic Arts press conference. There are a couple hundred people here already, though it's first thing in the morning. Smooth jazz is playing to get us in the mood, and we're underway. 9:03 AM - Lights go down, and a spiffy opening video of EA...

    Posted August 20, 2008| 1 Comment

    EA Press Conference Rundown From Leipzig
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