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Sam & Max: Season One
Game Description:It's a vile world out there. Get too complacent and all sorts of weirdos start coming out of the woodwork. Good thing Sam & Max are here to hose down the sleaze and keep some kind of peace. Violently, if possible. Who are these irreverent crime fighters? Sam's a six-foot tall canine shamus with a love of justice. Max is a hyperkinetic rabbity-thing with a taste for mayhem. Together, they're a team of freelance police officers, on a mission to take down a bizarre mind-control conspiracy. And they're bringing you along for the fun. Sam & Max are finally back with their hilarious and critically-acclaimed first season of the Sam & Max adventures -- and now, all six episodes of the first season are here in one box to own and enjoy. Experience why the game's bizarre humor, crazy characters, vivid 3D graphics, and exciting gameplay make Sam & Max: Season One the funniest game in years!
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Sam & Max: Season One News

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  • New Sam & Max Season Starts Today, Team Fortress Bonus Items Revealed

    For lovers of quirky, witty, episodic gaming, today is a very good day. Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, the newest season of Telltale Games adored adventure series, is available today on PlayStation 3, PC and Mac. And while this is reason enough for Sam & Max fans to be excited, Telltale and Valve have partnered to celebrate the...

    Posted April 16, 2010

    New Sam & Max Season Starts Today, Team Fortress Bonus Items Revealed
  • New Sam and Max Season Will Be Called Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

    At DICE 2010 last week, Telltale Games CEO and Co-founder Dan Connors revealed the title of the next season of Sam & Max. Season three will be called Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse. Above is the official logo for the third season. I completely dig the nod to old school Twilight Zone! If you're curious about who exactly will star...

    Posted February 22, 2010

    New Sam and Max Season Will Be Called Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
  • Two Seasons Of 'Sam & Max' Hitting Xbox Live Arcade

    The delightful Sam & Max series is heading to Xbox Live Arcade. Telltale Games has announced that the first two seasons are being renamed and repackaged for Sam & Max's debut on the Xbox 360. The new monikers are Sam & Max Save the World and Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space. In today's press release, Telltale CEO Dan Connors...

    Posted February 26, 2009| 9 Comments

    Two Seasons Of 'Sam & Max' Hitting Xbox Live Arcade
  • 'Sam & Max: Season One' Wii This October 7

    Telltale Games's dynamically quirky duo are making their Wii debut this October 7 with Sam & Max: Season One. Linking together six episodes, players will hunt the truth behind a hypnosis conspiracy with detective Sam and his awesome "rabbity-thing" partner Max. By solving puzzes, unraveling clues and witnessing hilarious outcomes...

    Posted September 17, 2008| 1 Comment

    'Sam & Max: Season One' Wii This October 7
  • Wii-kly Update: 'Strong Bad', 'Break In'

    Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner by Telltale Games (publishers of the Sam & Max game series), and a couple of TurboGrafx16 retro titles just arrived at the Nintendo Virtual Console and WiiWare this week. Break In, originally released in 1989 for the TurboGrafx16, is a classic four-player pool game available for 700 Wii points. The...

    Posted August 11, 2008

    Wii-kly Update: 'Strong Bad', 'Break In'
  • 'Sam & Max' Coming to Wii

    Finally. It will be said our lives are fulfilled very soon. Our grandkids will hear stories about how great things used to be when Sam & Max was still episodic and released on the Wii. When we could inhabit the lives of the spastic, wild-eyed rabbit Max, or the gigantic and rangy dog detective Sam.Read More?

    Posted April 4, 2008| 5 Comments

    'Sam & Max' Coming to Wii
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