Jumper: Griffin's Story Cheats - Wii

Game Description:For centuries the Jumpers - people born with a genetic anomaly allowing them to teleport instantly to any point on the globe - have walked among us. As long as there have been jumpers, there have been Paladins, a clandestine organization bent on destroying every last jumper from the face of the planet. Take control of Griffin, a jumper determined to avenge his parents' murder at the hands of the Paladins, and explore exotic locales around the world, including Colosseums, Desert Lairs, and the streets of Tokyo. Unlock skills and combos as you improve your combat skills. And jump around the arena to deal devastating blows to your opponents or teleport them to perilous locations to finish them off!
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Jumper: Griffin's Story Cheats

  • Run, Griffin Run

    When fighting at the end of every level, I found that if you attack then run you have a pretty shot at winning easily.