Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Cheats - Wii

Game Description:For the first time in the series, Planet Earth is now the target of the lunatic Rabbid bunnies! A shopping mall is their new base, and they have begun training for their nasty scheme. Take control of Rayman as you go undercover and save the Earth. Sixty brand-new games have been rolled out, all of which spoof popular culture in the wacky and crazy Rayman style. Grab some friends for co-op craziness or multiplayer mayhem in the all-new Party Mode. Travel all around the world to battle the invaders, and collect items, including skins, hats, accessories, and clothes to dress Rayman and create your own Rabbit – with over 540,000 different customization combinations!
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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Cheats

  • Skeleton Coustume

    Score 12,000 on TNT

  • Gold Knight Coustume

    Score 12,000 on Snail Race

  • Raider's Rabbid

    Score 12,000 Points In American Football

  • Jason Costume

    Score 12000or more in Dial R for Rabbid

  • TMNT Costume, Raphael

    Obtain Trophy for greatest hits

  • Vegas Showgirl

    12,000+ points in Burp

  • Altair (Assassin's Creed) Rabbid

    Get a high score using Wiimote only mode on USA

  • Cossack (Russian) Rabbid

    12,000+ points in Concentrate!

  • Get 12000+ points in The Office

    Samurai costume

  • Christmas Music

    If you play the game in December or January You can notice that an Christmas music will play in the mode-select menu.

  • Doctor Costume

    12,000+ points in the "Anesthetics" Game

  • Party Girl (Right Rabbid)

    Shoot in "Paris, Mon Amour" (Shooting Game)

  • Red Space Rabbid Uniform

    Get 12,000 Points in Year of the Rabbids.

  • TMNT, Leonardo Costume

    Get 12,000 Points in Usual Rabbids

  • Transformer

    Get 12,000 or more points in the plumbing minigame

  • Voodoo Rabbid

    12,000+ points in the "Voodoo Rabbids" Game

  • HAZE Armor

    Shoot the Right Rabbid in Big City Fights.

  • Martian Costume

    Gain more than 12.000 points on Bumper Cars

  • Spider-Rabbid (Free Costume)

    Play the "Spider Rabbid" Game

  • Fruit-Hat Dancer Costume

    Shoot the Right Rabbid in Year of the Rabbids.

  • Indiana Jones Costume

    Get 12,000 Points in Rolling Stone.

  • Purple Space Rabbid Uniform

    Start out with it automatically.

  • Crash Test Dummy Costume

    Get 12,000 Points in Shopping Cart, Downhill.

  • Masked Wrestler (Right Rabbid)

    Shoot in "Greatest Hits" (Shooting Game)

  • French Maid Costume

    Get 12,000 Points in Little Chemist.

  • Gingerbread Rabbid

    12,000+ points in Hot Cake

  • Jet-Trooper Rabbid

    12,000+ points in the "Greatest Hits" Shooting Game

  • Ken Costume

    Get 12,000 Points in RRR Xxtreme Beach Volleyball

  • Cupid costume

    get 12,000+points in Burgerinai

  • Fireman (Right Rabbid)

    Shoot in "Paris, Pour Troujours" (Shooting Game)

  • Funkytown

    Play every game once in single player mode.

  • Get 12000+ points in Rabbid School

    Sam Fisher costume

  • Funky Town

    Unlock all games to unlock Funky Town.

  • Hobo Suit

    Earn 2000+ points in Extreme Volleyball to unlock the Hobo Suit.

  • Robot Suit

    Get first place in the Laundry game to unlock the Robot Suit.