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Rock Band: Special Edition
Game Description:Rock Band allows gamers to perform music from the world's biggest rock artists with their friends as a virtual band using drum, bass/lead guitar and microphone peripherals. Built on deals with the world’s biggest record labels and music publishers, the music featured in Rock Band spans all genres of rock and include many of the master recordings from the biggest songs and artists of all time. Rock Band for Wii comes in a Special Edition bundle including the software, drums, microphone and a wireless guitar. The game features 63 songs including five bonus songs for Wii gamers to enjoy.
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Rock Band: Special Edition News

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  • More Wii 'Rock Band' Details

    Yesterday, the Wii version of Rock Band got a release date (June 22), but some new details have surfaced about the port. Unfortunately, as we suspected, the 5 bonus tracks are a replacement for DLC, which the Wii version will not have. Also lost in the port is online play. Also, it's looking likely that Rock Band Wii will not be able to use the...

    Posted March 25, 2008| 40 Comments

    More Wii 'Rock Band' Details
  • Wii 'Rock Band' Dated

    Get ready to rock, Wii owners. Rock Band is coming your way on June 22, 2008... or as I like to call it: MGS4+10. "The game will feature 63 songs including five bonus songs for Wii gamers to enjoy" and standalone instruments will also be available. There is still no word on what these 5 bonus songs will be, but it worries us that they...

    Posted March 24, 2008| 16 Comments

    Wii 'Rock Band' Dated

    Like an explosion of joy, the Harmonix team have made TheFeed the happiest conglomerate of writers and editors on Earth with the announcement of the six-song Boston song pack that will be coming on Tuesday. We have literally lost the ability to emote, as this announcement is easily the best news to come down the pike since the Germans...

    Posted March 21, 2008| 18 Comments

  • Rock Band Tunes Sell Gajillion Copies

    It was announced this week that music videogame juggernaut Rock Band has yielded over 6 million purchased downloads for the songs featured in the game since its launch on November 20, 2007. Molly Hatchet rules! According to Harmonix: “With an impressive weekly stream of downloadable content since launch and an unmatched offering of over 70...

    Posted March 20, 2008| 8 Comments

    Rock Band Tunes Sell Gajillion Copies
  • Rumor: 'Rock Band' Coming To Wii?

    Rumors have been swirling for months that Rock Band is coming to the Wii, but no official word has ever been spoken on the matter, but a recent retail purchase Is feeding the rumor-mill. A poster on the ScoreHero board ran across a Rock Band standalone microphone in a store. Harmonix recently announced the arrival of standalone RB instruments,...

    Posted January 29, 2008| 8 Comments

    Rumor: 'Rock Band' Coming To Wii?
  • 'Rock Band:' Bundle Required

    Aw, man. If you want to play upcoming rock and/or roll game Rock Band, but you don't feel like shelling out $169 for a full band set up, you're out of luck until 2008. Before the new year, the instruments for the game will only be available in one package, so no ala carte rockin' out for you, man. After the new year (and the Christmas...

    Posted October 15, 2007| 15 Comments

    'Rock Band:' Bundle Required