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Game Description:You'll need all your wits about you to become the greatest pirate the world has ever seen! Utilize the revolutionary Wii controller in all-new ways as you rethink every action. Rotate handles, turn keys, play instruments, and more as you make your way through seven different, massive stages, including jungle ruins, an ice temple, an airship, an ancient castle, and more than 20 distinct sub-areas. Face off against 35 different enemies, all of which must be out-matched, and take on a variety of different bosses. Take control of your environment with over 80 objects to manipulate and 500 items to discover!
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Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure News

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  • 'Zero Punctuation' Takes On 'Zack and Wiki'

    In case you missed last night's preview on X-Play, here's the latest Zero Punctuation, where Yahtzee, the wittiest/complainiest videogame reviewer ever, takes on Zack and Wiki. Don't forget that X-Play previews the latest episode of The Escapist Magazine's Zero Punctuation each Tuesday night at 8PM ET.

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    'Zero Punctuation' Takes On 'Zack and Wiki'
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