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Mercury Meltdown Revolution
Game Description:Ignition's gooey puzzler flows onto Wii with gameplay redesigned for the Wii remote (utilizing its enhanced tilt functionality) as well as enhanced graphics. In Mercury Meltdown Revolution, players guide a mercury blob around futuristic environments complete with moving machinery, test tubes, trap switches, spikes, rotating walkways, dangerous ledges, and other obstacles, in order to reach an end-level goal. The Wii build of the title is set to feature more than 150 levels, hidden labs, updated blog physics, and a variety of bonuses.
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Mercury Meltdown Revolution Previews

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    TGS: 'Mercury Meltdown Revolution'

    TGS: 'Mercury Meltdown Revolution'

    Posted: Sep 21, 2007

  • Mercury Meltdown Revolution Trailer

    Posted: September 19, 2007

    5,238 Views | 01:38

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