Madden NFL 08 Cheats - Wii

Game Description:This year, you'll join the cream of the NFL crop to attack and defend on the gridiron one more time. Madden NFL 08 is bigger and better, and promises to deliver football at its finest. The Read and React System lets you identify on-field strengths and weaknesses - read it, respond, and exploit the opponent's weaknesses. NFL Superstar Mode has been updated and all-new Franchise Mode brings back your favorites for more field action. The game's new branching system makes tackle, juke, and catch animations blend together seamlessly every time for an even more realistic football experience!
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Madden NFL 08 Cheats

  • One Handed Catch

    Now this probably wont work hell ive only done it about 8 times with moss upgraded all the way and johnson now what you got to do is a hail mary or deep pass where the WR runs straight now before the computer catches the ball for you become that player and raise either the wiimote or nunchuck in the air keeping one or the other down then you...

  • Get The Best QB (Payton Manning)

    For this go to my madden view rosters then go to the colts click on Payton Manning then Information change his position to WR (note: this wont work if you upgraded them) then once you do that go to release player then release him then go to sign free agents click on your favorite team you want to sign him to dont worry his overall for WR is 31 i...

  • The Best Team 99 Overall Offense And Defense

    First pick your favorite NFL team, then go to my madden, then view rosters. Click on the player you want to upgrade, then go to attributes turn them all the way up, do this for all of your players and theres your best team. You can also start a franchise mode like this, but make sure you upgrade them before starting or else it wont work.