Super Paper Mario Cheats - Wii

Game Description:Paper Mario lives in a flat world. Left and right, sure, and up and down, yes - but forward and back? No way. Until now. In a world that appears to be ripped from the stylized page of the Paper Mario universe, everything changes with the touch of a button as dimensions shift and the world goes 3D! Shake the Wii Remote to pull off awesome moves. Grab a power-up that surrounds you with tiny 8-bit Marios who attack your enemies. Snag a MegaStar which turns you into a giant 8-bit Mario, smashing through everything in your way. Gain experience by stomping enemies, then level up to increase your stats.
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Super Paper Mario Cheats

  • Piccolo (Makes melodies that trigger in-game events and cures some status problems)

    Place the 6th pure heart, talk to Merlee and help her, talk to Merluvlee, then Bestovious, Watchitt, Merlumina, then Merluvlee to get Random House key

  • Tiptron (Just like Tippi)

    Buy it from Francis after you beat the game for 999 coins!!!

  • Extra Mini Game in the Flipside's Basement

    Get the Golden Card

  • Flipside's Pit of 100 trials

    Beat Chapter 1 and unlock the outskirt in Flipside

  • Barry (Provides a force field that protects you and can hurt enemies)

    Beat Francis in chapter 3-4, then find Barry behind a bush in chapter 3-1

  • Flopside's Pit of 100 trials

    Beat Flipside's Pit of 100 trials

  • Dashell (makes you go really fast)

    The bottom of Flipside Pit of 100 trials

  • Big Item Bag

    In the flopside Pit of 100 trials, one of the enemies is holding it. Just like one of them is holding the key. Well, Defeat the right one to get it! I can't tell you which one has it because that changes each time you enter. It holds up to 20 items.

  • Mario, Dark Mario, Luigi, Dark Luigi, Peach (1), Dark Peach, Bowser, and Dark Bowser Catch Cards

    To get these fabulous treasures, you must go through the flopside pit of 100 trials TWICE before you meet the pit's Master. The pit's Master is Shadoo. He will make you fight four enemies. Dark Mario, Dark Luigi, Dark Peach, and Dark Bowser. All have the same characteristics as their look alikes, exept Dark Mario has the extra benifit of cudge's...

  • Item Swap Trick

    This trick allows you to get items you want when your bag is full. This is an obvious trick but just in case you don't know, you can only carry up to 10 items. If you already have ten items and you get one more, you have to toss one item away. Well, the next time this happens to you, toss the item you just got away then quickly use an item that...