The Dog Island Cheats - Wii

Game Description:Travel to a puppy paradise in this adorable pet adventure game. Play as a friendly pooch who sets out to help his family when his brother gets sick. Choose the perfect pooch from a variety of breeds, then travel to an exotic island in search of a legendary flower that holds the power to cure your brother's illness. Your quest will take you far and wide, across grassy planes, over snowy fields, and through blazing deserts. Interact with the island's resident dogs and follow the trail to find the flower as you take a truly incredible journey.
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The Dog Island Cheats

  • closer is better

    The closer you get to the TV the better the points!

  • Certain Buttons

    Sometimes if you press a certain button it guides you to the correct place, like press A and B and the down directional button and you'll turn up in the desert ( < An example) but they tend to change a lot so use them as soon as possible.