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Game Description:Do you wanna rock and roll all night? Grab some friends and get ready, because it's time for a revolution! Pound on the drums, slam on the bass, or wail on the guitar to 40 tracks available on the game itself and more songs available via download and song packs after the game is out. Play drums or guitar freely in Jam Mode, which puts you at the helm of a state-of-the-art recording studio and lets you create up to eight separate tracks. Choose from one of 15 cool and realistic characters and rock out in authentic venues. You can even slow down parts in Rehearsal Mode to practice!
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Rock Revolution News

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  • Konami And Harmonix End Legal Fight Over Rock Band

    Way back in 2008, we brought you the word that Konami was suing Harmonix, alledgeing that Rock Band infringes on Konami's music game patents. The case has been settled. The terms of the settlement have not been revealed, but all claims and counter-claims have been dropped, and both companies can now continue making video games (and...

    Posted September 20, 2010

    Konami And Harmonix End Legal Fight Over Rock Band
  • Viacom Counter-Sues Konami Over 'Rock Revolution'

    Konami pioneered the rhythm genre in Japan with their Bemani series of games including Guitar Freaks, Drum Mania, Beatmania, and Dance Dance Revolution. Last year, Konami filed a lawsuit against the makers of Rock Band and Guitar Hero for allegedly infringing upon Konami's patents dealing with fake plastic instruments. The move was questionably...

    Posted February 13, 2009| 9 Comments

    Viacom Counter-Sues Konami Over 'Rock Revolution'
  • 'Rock Revolution' Review

    Konami comes late to the music game party that they originally created with Rock Revolution. However, can they still manage to become the center of the music game world? Here's X-Play's review: X-Play's Rock Revolution Review Watch Larger Version of this Video

    Posted November 14, 2008| 9 Comments

    'Rock Revolution' Review
  • New 'Rock Revolution' Trailer

    Konami, the original pioneers of the music game genre, throws their hat into the ring with Rock Revolution for the DS, PS3, Wii, and the Xbox 360. Can Konami reclaim the "revolution" they originally started against well-established Rock Band and promising newcomer Guitar Hero World Tour? You make the call when the game goes live...

    Posted September 19, 2008| 16 Comments

    New 'Rock Revolution' Trailer
  • 'Rock Revolution' Preview

    Konami plans to headline the music game genre lineup this fall with their upcoming title, Rock Revolution. So what makes this title stand out among the current favorites like Rock Band and Guitar Hero? Konami said that Rock Revolution delivers "the ultimate drumming experience" as it puts "the heart of the band" right in...

    Posted September 5, 2008| 18 Comments

    'Rock Revolution' Preview
  • Hands-On: 'Rock Revolution'

    If Rock Revolution had come out before Rock Band, we would have been very impressed… but it didn’t, and it’s impossible to talk about this title without comparing it to bigger music games. In short, I don’t think Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour will be crushed by Konami’s entry into the music-game field, but...

    Posted July 18, 2008| 11 Comments

    Hands-On: 'Rock Revolution'
  • Zo? Mode Developing 'Rock Revolution'

    Zoë Mode, the geniuses behind SingStar, will be collaborate with Konami to create music game Rock Revolution. Rock Revolution "builds on the core game-play pioneered in games such as DrumMania and Guitar Freaks to provide an experience that will appeal to music fans everywhere." Music fans? Say, we like music; maybe this is the...

    Posted June 16, 2008| 4 Comments

    Zo? Mode Developing 'Rock Revolution'
  • Rock Revolution Review

    Posted: November 14, 2008

    18,714 Views | 02:19 | 14 Comments

  • Rock Revolution Trailer

    Posted: September 19, 2008

    4,097 Views | 00:59 | 1 Comment

  • Rock Revolution Preview

    Posted: September 3, 2008

    4,165 Views | 02:13

  • X-Play Gaming Update 08.20.08

    Posted: August 20, 2008

    1,224 Views | 01:56 | 1 Comment