Battalion Wars 2 Cheats - Wii

Game Description:Fearing that the Solar Empire is developing a massive super weapon, Commander Pierce and Colonel Windsor send in a huge preemptive strike on the Coral Atolls. The attack launches the world into another gigantic conflict in the return of this popular tactical action game series! Take command of naval forces, step into the cockpit of fighters, roll tanks onto the battlefield, and command your troops to head toward the action as you fight for complete annihilation of the enemy. Complete the single player mode, then take your command skills online for multiplayer action, including Assault and Co-Op!
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Battalion Wars 2 Cheats

  • Battalion Wars 2 Tips and Tricks

    Listen up chaps! When taking a primary object, try taking the second primary object first. It will be reinforcements! If there's is a time limit stay calm, you wont get your shots right. When you see an enemy give them everything you've got. If there's a bullet coming toward you, turn the nunchuk left or right to create a Combat Roll.