Darkness (Crossbeam Studios) - Wii

Darkness (Crossbeam Studios)
Game Description:There's a world we once knew, lush, green, full of life. Today death and pain rule this world. It is a post-apocalyptic world, where humans once reigned free. It has since been taken over by the children of the night, vampires. The world we took for granted is under their control. We tried to fight against them once, and we suffered greatly in our defeat. Now, we have been driven underground into the sewers, living like vermin in a maze. We have gone into hiding from them so we may live to see another day. There are no heroes left in this world anymore, no one left to fight, no one left to stop them. Then again... Open the door to the world of Darkness. A post-apocalyptic world that revolves around the supernatural and your worst nightmares. Your sword and your abilities are your traveling partners. Meet new people who will help, or hinder, your quest as you wander a world under vampire reign. Learn about your estranged father, and discover the secrets deep within yourself. Your spirit and determination are mankind's last chance.
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