No More Heroes Cheats - Wii

Game Description:There may not be any heroes, but there are plenty of villains in this cutting-edge action saga made exclusively for Nintendo Wii. Travis Touchdown is an average anime fan making his home the fictional California town of Santa Destroy. Travis suddenly finds his life on the line when a strange twist of fate thrusts him into the ranks of an organization of assassins. In order to survive, he'll have to defeat a lineup of ten ruthless killers and make his way to the top of the organization. Instinctive controls make it easy to instantly perform stunning attacks in a world with striking graphics and an engaging storyline.
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No More Heroes Cheats

  • Bitter Difficulty Setting

    First you have to complete the game on the Sweet or Mild difficulty settings, then watch the credits and create a new game save. After that you can start a new game on the Bitter difficulty setting along with all of your equipment from your previous game.

  • Real Ending

    Complete the game with all beam katanas to view the game's true ending.

  • Unlock Shirt 00

    Complete the game once

  • New Game+

    Complete the game once and create a new save file. Loading this save file retains the old file's money and clothing. New shirts will also be available at Area 51.

  • Unlock Pure White Giant Glastonbury mini-game

    Complete the Rank 04 battle to unlock the Pure White Giant Glastonbury mini-game from the motel TV.