Excite Truck Cheats - Wii

Game Description:Classic arcade racing tears onto the Nintendo Wii! Choose your truck and get ready to put the hammer down around the off-road track. But this isn't like any other racer! Hold the Wii remote sideways in your hands and use the controller like a steering wheel, turning your truck around corners. Lean on the turbo boost to gain an advantage. And when you hit a big jump, tilt the remote to make sure you land on all four wheels, giving you a no-strings-attached speed boost. Stunning visuals, interactive tracks, and powerslides are all part of the package as well.
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Excite Truck Cheats

  • Platinum Cup

    After finishing the Gold Cup.

  • Silver Cup

    After finishing the Bronze Cup.

  • Alternate paint

    By getting an "S" rank on three races with the same truck you unlock its alternate paint color. Or by winning ten races with a single truck you will unlock its alternate paint color.

  • Mirror Race mode

    Get an "S" on all Super Excite Race mode tracks.

  • Special Race Icons

    Get all S Grades in Super Challenge Mode.

  • Super Excite Mode

    Clear all races in excite mode with an S rating.

  • Monster Truck

    Unlock the alternate paint schemes for all trucks.

  • Gold Cup

    After finishing the Silver Cup.

  • Trophy Easter Egg:

    Whenever you get a trophy, you can rotate it around by tilting the Wii remote. You can also twirl it a bit on its standing center with the left/right D-pad buttons.

  • Cool down engine

    When you use your turbo and you engine starts to overheat, drive in water or a puddle to cool it down.

  • Great Wall Easter Egg:

    In china, the platinum cup, you can jump on the great wall after the second, it comes up pretty quick. Although everytime I land up there I drive a little and end up crashing.